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Acne Prevention - One Food May Be Causing Your Acne Breakouts


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There has been much debate whether eating greasy foods cause acne. Many experts could debate this for hours. Many scientist would agree acne is caused by bacteria and I believe that is a great part of it. I also believe what we eat may influence acne along with other things such as hormones, anxiety and other internal triggers.

While the best treatment for acne is a good prevention plan along with a good skin care regimen. Doing these two things alone with diminish the likely hood of getting reoccurring acne. There is one product used in cooking that should at all costs be avoided. This product is vegetable oil. This product can cause breakouts to happen within minutes of eating it. It can be found in cooking products and any type of vegetable oils ( sunflower oil). The reason it is so bad is because it caused hormonal inflammation in our body. There are many alternatives to using vegetable oil on the market. Be sure to check pasta sauces because the majority of them contain it.

As I stated earlier the best advice I can give is to do things to prevent acne from occurring like eating a balanced diet and cleansing the face with products that don't irritate the skin. If you currently have acne be sure to seek the all natural products first and then try others. There are many other things one can do to prevent and cure acne. Acne can be cured within 3 days by using a method so easy even a high school kid can do it. See my resource box for details.

Make Acne vanish in less than three days


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