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Millions of people are affected by acne on a daily basis. As a result people are looking for more and more vitamins good for acne. One of these vitamins is vitamin B. This article will discuss the theory behind the vitamin b5 acne cure.

Over the years several theories and myths have come into play about the many causes of acne and some potent means of preventing it and treating acne. One such theory which is becoming more and more well-known is the theory behind the vitamin B5 acne cure.

There are a wide range of vitamin B5 acne treatments and products on the market. Vitamin B5 acne treatments have becoming the latest trend and craze in the fight against acne. The doctor who brought the acne B5 cure to life is Dr Lit-Hung Leung.

Dr Leung's theory maintained that, in fact, one of the reasons why acne develops is as a result of a deficiency in the B5 vitamin or pantothenic acid. Dr Leung's B5 acne theory is based on the premise that high fat diets greatly trigger acne breakouts and conditions as a result of the body's inability to metabolize fats properly and that, accordingly, the body needs coenzyme-A for fat metabolization.

According to the Vitamin B5 acne theory, coenzyme-A formation occures as a result of adenosine triphosphate, cysteine and pantothenic acid. That being so, if an individual does not get sufficient vitamin B5 the body doesn't produce enough coenzyme-A which is significant in the production of hormones. When a vitamin deficiency occurs, according to Dr Leung, there is a large increase in sebum excretion which leads to acne formation and breakouts.

There is a vast acceptance of Dr Leung's B5 acne theory. However, there are also some questions about the best vitamin B5 acne treatments. As a result of these questions, studies have been undertaken in relation to the theory which have determined that vitamin B5 acne treatments are not as efficient as once thought in helping people get rid of acne, even if large doses are taken a number of times on a daily basis.

Further, a number of unfavourable side effects have come about as a result of Vitamin B5 acne treatments which include, low energy, nausa and over fatigue. It has recently come about that many experts recommend acne sufferers take extra caution and look at other acne treatments before undergoing a vitamin B5 acne treatment of any kind.

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