Herbal Acne Remedies: Hope or Hype?


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Most people suffering from acne end up trying numerous types of anti-acne treatments, medications and regimens in order to prevent outbreaks or clear them up once they occur. Given today's more health conscious society, many people seek out herbal acne remedies as a possible cure, wishing to stay away from harsh chemicals or medications. But can these types of acne remedies really help?

Actually, herbal acne remedies can be a powerful alternative method for treating acne outbreaks. And the great thing about them, and one of the main reasons people often choose herbal remedies over more traditional methods, is that you can usually avoid the side effects that often times accompany strong anti-acne medications or skin cleansers.

However, herbal acne treatments, much like most other acne treatments, takes time to work. So you shouldn't expect immediate results. Don't give up too quickly though either. It could take several weeks or months to see its effects.

Some people might shy away from herbal acne treatments since there has been very little scientific study or evidence to prove that they work, how quickly they work or which types of patients they are best suited for. But regardless of those facts, you can't discount the fact that many acne sufferers report excellent results when using herbal acne remedies, either alone or in conjunction with other acne remedies. So it appears that this is yet another case where the "absence of evidence" is not necessarily "evidence of absence".

There are several common herbal acne remedies that are popular among acne sufferers. Tea tree oil contains natural properties that fight bacteria, fungus, and viruses making it a good choice for cleaning the skin of acne-causing bacteria. It can be applied using a cotton ball or mixed with water and used as a face wash.

Basil is another common herbal acne solution. You can buy mixtures created from basil at your local drug store. However you can also make it yourself. You'll need whole basil leaves, which you'll place in a pot and simmer for 10 - 15 minutes or so. Then refrigerate the mixture to cool it and apply it with a cotton ball at least two times a day. With either option, this could prove to be an excellent herbal acne remedy for you too.

Coriander juice is the last herbal remedy we'll cover. This is a good option for smoothing the skin as well as unplugging blackheads and whiteheads. But you'll have to make this one yourself, luckily it's not that difficult. You'll need to get a teaspoon of the juice plus a bit of turmeric powder as well. After you wash your face at night, apply the mixture and leave it overnight while you sleep. Then, in the morning, wash up with warm water.

You're likely to find several more herbal remedies for acne, especially in your local bookstore or online. But remember that much like those diet pills advertised on TV, herbal acne remedies are best used as part of a comprehensive plan. In the case of acne remedies, that plan includes stress-free living and proper diet to limit acne outbreaks due to those causes. In addition, you might want to also incorporate more traditional (but mild) acne remedies as part of your daily or weekly regimen.

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