Overcoming Acne – Step One, Cleansing!


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The stores are full of acne treatments that all proclaim some magic ingredient that will clear your acne up! What make a good acne treatment? Well, there are three key steps beyond any worthwhile skin care treatment.

But first of all, you have to apply your acne treatment twice a day, in the morning and just before you go to bed. Any quality treatment regimen will have three key parts to it: a cleanser, a toner or medication, and a moisturizer.

The cleanser’s role in the process is to pick up the dirt and oils from your skin. The toner works on the bacteria deep inside your pores, and the moisturizer restores what the cleansing and toning have taken away; this prevents your skin getting over dry or damaged. All this comprises the skin care treatment you need for your acne!

In this article we’re going to take an in depth look at the first part of the treatment process, the cleanser. A quality cleanser needs to be gentle, with no kind of ‘grit’. Try checking out the packaging and only consider buying one if it states that it’s safe for skin close to your eyes. The skin that is around your eyes is the most delicate and really all your skin should be given the equivalent amount of care. Your cleanser will typically be a bar or liquid soap only.

So now you are ready to start cleansing your face. But first, be sure to wash your hands before treating your acne. Next, you should softly moisten your face with water that’s at body temperature, anything that’s too hot or cold will have a bad affect on your pores. Then just gently use your fingers as you moisten your skin. Carefully wash around your face until you can’t feel any oil in areas around your face such as the creases around your nose. Then simply dab yourself dry with a fresh towel, any rubbing could just put any dirt in the towel back into the pores.

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Acne- Quick 3 Step Home Treatment Routine That Gets Rid Of Acne
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