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Replace your conventional cigarette with smokeless cigarette


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The smokeless cigarette or E-cigarette is a next generation technology which is considered to be a healthier alternative of smoking with traditional cigarette which contains tobacco and nicotine. There are enormous benefits of E-cigarettes. Unlike regular cigarette, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemical. The smokeless cigarette gives the same sensation of regular cigarette to the smoker without any harm. Many smokers use this cigarette in order to get rid of bad habit of smoking. Many people have habit to smoke during driving, drinking or on any stressful time. Many people think that cigarette is a stress removal.

The benefits of E-Cigarette
No matter you have 5 cigarettes a day routine rather than 2 packets a day, you will get complete sensation from it just like a traditional cigarette. In this way, this is said to be the great alternative to traditional cigarette. Listed above less known benefits of E-cigarette:

1. Complete sensation: This cigarette looks like a normal cigarette, touches like a normal cigarette and you can inhale it like a real cigarette. The only difference is that you will not inhale any harmful chemical that can harsh your immune system.

2. No vapor: This e-cigarette is doesn’t have a nasty stale taste of real cigarette. So, you won’t smell like you are sitting on a hot box of a car with a chain-smoking feeling. This cigarette provides the same effect as a regular cigarette gives with the same feeling of holding one. It works because it is just like a regular cigarette but it is a great and healthier alternative of regular cigarette. That is why; it is considered as vapor less or smokeless cigarette.

How smokeless cigarette works?
The E-cigarette or smokeless cigarette works on the 3 main components. The first being the battery, second is atomizer and last is the cartridge. It uses heat or ultrasonic in order to vaporize the E-liquid to produce the water vapor. When the battery is connected to the atomizer, it results in heating of atomizer. After which, it allows the atomizer to turn e-liquid on. The e-liquid is consumed from the cartridge which turns into water vapor that gives you smoke like sensation like a real cigarette.

The cartridge of e-cigarette comes in 2 different styles. Either you can choose refillable cartridge which allows you to refill it on your own or you can get the Cartornizer which contains e-liquid already in the cigarette. The e-cigarette battery is rechargeable that can last for up to 3 – 6 months depending upon usage. This is all about how smokeless cigarette works.

Is smokeless cigarette safest alternative to real cigarette?
According to millions of opinions of e-cigarette users, this is safest alternative to get rid of bad habit of smoking real cigarette as it contains a huge amount of nicotine and harsh chemicals. The main thing in e-cigarette which helps to improve breathing is no nicotine content water vapor. The main thing we all like it most in e-cigarette is that it gives the same sensation of real cigarette without any harm of damage to our lungs.


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