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Decoding Concepts in Naturopathy By Dr.Lederman


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The holistic approach of naturopathy which focuses on improving the health and treating all kinds of illnesses for patients of all ages is gaining a lot of attention in the recent times. More patients are willing to try more organic treatment regimens before getting aggressive with allopathic treatments. These methodologies typically are an art and science of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases by employing natural therapies.

The organic nature of these treatment methodologies allows physicians to compliment conventional medical treatments with naturopathy or use them independently depending on the patient’s need. The core objective of these treatment patterns is to enhance the ability of a human body to heal on its own.

Before we go through some of the popular naturopathic treatment methods, it is important to understand the basic principles of naturopathy which build its foundation-

1. The first principle of naturopathy is to address the fundamental cause of the disease.

2. All Naturopathic Doctors from Vancouver help the patients in building faith towards the healing powers of nature itself.

3. Naturopathy believes in treating the whole person through an individualized and customized treatment.

Here are the different facets of Naturopathy Medicine –

1. Botanical Medicine – This method refers to plant based treatment regimens that are employed in the form of tropical oils, lotions, capsules, herbal teas and other such preparations. These methods have been put to use for thousands of years and is often considered the foundation on which modern pharmacology is built. Today, there are a number of studies and research papers which propagate the effectiveness and positive impact of botanical medicine to treat a varied range of illnesses and diseases.

2. Homeopathy – This form of organic medicine was developed in the 16th century by Samuel Hahnemann and has been effectively treating patients since then. The principle of this treatment method is to use miniscule amounts of potent natural substances by diluting them to maximize effects. This treatment relies tremendously on the unique characteristics of the patient based on which it arouses the self-healing abilities of the human body.

3. Hydrotherapy – As the name suggests, this treatment method makes use of hot and cold water to facilitate healthy circulation of blood in the vascular and lymphatic systems of the human body. This treatment method works towards improving the immunity system, detoxification of the body and helps restore energy levels.

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine- Acupuncture and other traditional Chinese treatment methods are known to have dated back 5000 years. These treatment methodologies focus on balancing the flow of energy (Chi) in the meridian pathways of the human body. The objective of these treatment methods is to create harmony between the human and mind and body and it also makes use of herbal formulas, acupuncture, and other dietary recommendations.

Naturopathic medicine is proven to be effective towards the treatment of allergies, fatigue, arthritis, a number of skin conditions, digestive conditions, migraines, headaches, heart diseases, the flu, infections, thyroid conditions, paediatric conditions, depressions, anxiety, other stress related conditions, and even treatment and prevention of cancer.

Join the Naturopathic Doctor Vancouver program with Dr. Lederman and live a healthier and beautiful life.


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