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Orthotics For Flat Feet

Vick Condecion

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A lot of people may have flat feet and not realize it but if you are suffering from aching knees and ankles when you walk any great distance then this could be a signal that you have flat feet, using orthotics for flat feet is a way to help you alleviate this problem. Basically orthotics are insoles that you insert into your shoes that have a wedge shape on the instep to raise position your foot better to absorb shock when walking. Although there does not seem to be many brands on the market taking a look on the internet will reveal some hidden wonders.

However the first place to look if you want to see how orthotics looks inside a shoe is your local sports shop, a lot of the top branded running and training shoes have orthotics already inserted within the inside sole of the shoe. Using your thumb, apply a gentle pressure and you will feel how the support springs back into shape. If you use orthotics for flat feet, you can help to relieve the extra pressure that is produced when you walk which in turn will also improve your posture and keep the aching in the knees and ankles away.

If you want to discover if you have flat feet there is a simple test you can do by using a wet foot and some paper to plant an imprint of your foot shape on the paper. A normal shape foot should show the heel and then narrow in so that the instep does not show the widen out so that the ball of the foot and the toes appear on the print, in contrast people with flat feet will see the imprint of the instep on the paper.

There is orthotics for flat feet available for ordinary shoes that you wear every day for work and these can be purchased from good shoe retailers, they come in the form of inserts that you are able to cut to size with a support for the instep. People who have used these regularly have reported a vast improvement in their walking style and less aches and pains when they have finished their days work. So if you think you may have flat feet then try the simple water print test and if it shows positive then consider buying shoes that have orthotics already built in or some inserts and walk once again free from pain.

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