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Find The Serenity Within You with InnerSound

Lelouch Lambourne

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For over two thousand years, music and sound therapy has been quite a rich tradition and still remain rampant in the western hemisphere of the globe and InnerSound breathed a new perception into music and sound as far as healing is concerned in the world today. They base their techniques in a series of intervals and theme which is identified by Arden Wilken who is one of the founders of Inner Sound; which started by playing sounds for people in the year 1978. By applying her ability and knowledge in seeing the energy capacity of a human, she identified the music and sounds that has a positive effect in the focal areas of the human body.

InneSound are specialists when it comes to teaching how to manipulate Qi which is, when simply put, means energy. Furthermore, it flows through all the living things as a force of life/life force. Qi encircles the human body through a network of channeled energy as to how blood flows through a living organism’s vein or body in which it supports the vital areas of their own anatomy. Vitality is the reason why we should decrease possibilities of having blockages with the flow of Qi energy in your body. This is important because it has great impact to how we perceive and have peace and bright disposition in our minds. Basically, Qi flow is the path to serenity.

Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle that many of us have drains and consumes every single ounce of this very important form of energy. Also, we get a lack of energy or blockages through negative emotions. Consensus to Eastern Medicine, low energy and energy blockage poses people to be more vulnerable and weak to pain and disease. The InnerSound’s Qi masters or Qi Instructors is professionally trained to detect and determine the energy blockages that an individual is having and simply inject pure energy to them through highly effective Qi classes, Family healing programs and Qi Treatments. They have the ability to provide you with the energy an individual needs in regaining a happy and healthy life.

InneSound Centre can be found in the middle of Harley Street District in London. The place is quite popular because of its uplifting, refreshing and uplifting environment. They have three techniques to help you free yourself from Qi blockages which are the; Qi energy classes, a session that can last for up to an hour in which an individual will receive a class that incorporates the Style movement T’aichi and meditation in order to calm a person’s mind and recharge their astral energy levels; Qi energy treatments, a sound and acupressure treatment session to level up an individual’s energy level and to free tension from the body and last but not the least is the specialized programs which is perfect for a group of blood related people (family).


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