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Some myths and facts of JWH 018


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Some myths and facts of JWH 018

Many concerned citizens as well as herbal blend users have misconceptions about jwh 018 because of the increased growth of several articles on this analgesic chemical. People who are not conscious or don’t want to do a well research on this chemical in the internet always confuse facts with the myths. In some reports you will find that some drugs containing certain quantity of jwh 018 cause inauspicious result and harmful effect on human body. On the other hand some researchers say that this chemical is not so dangerous for human body.

This chemical was first synthesized by Dr. John W. Huffman and used to study the cannabinoid system. This chemical was intentionally made to renovate the marijuana effects. This chemical gives the same effect of smoking cannabis like hallucination, decreased blood pressure, relaxation, sleepiness etc. Now some myths and facts of jwh 018 are described below.

Myth: Dark brown jwh 018 is fake chemical. But the fact is dark brown color indicates the color of raw jwh. This chemical is found in white powder or solid form in market but it doesn’t mean that other colored jwh is fake chemical.

Myth: It is a synthetic THC. But it is not true. In fact Jwh018 is an amino alkylindole. It is true that jwh018 is not a sysnthetic THC but it works the same as the THC. For example, THC causes a psychoactive effect both on body as well as on brain and jwh018 also result this same effect on the body and brain. Though the function of jwh018 is quite similar to THC but the structure of jwh is unique and different from THC.

Myth: JWH 018 can be employed for therapeutic effect. But the fact is that this chemical is not permitted for medical use. As there is no clinical approval for jwh018 for medical use so it is not right to claim that jwh018 has therapeutic application.

Myth: JWH 018 cannot be detected by all forms of drug tests. But the fact is that if it is specially identified, it can be noticed by any type of drug tests. Many researchers claim that they didn’t find jwh018 by drug test. This is because they are looking for cannabinoid substances or THC or other antibodies to test positive. Aside from this they don’t find this chemical presence in these tests because of the different structure of . But if the researchers know the exact structure of jwh018, they will surely be able to detect this chemical presence in the test.


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