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Understanding Stroke and Ways on How to Prevent It

Jason Brunes

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Stroke is considered as top 3 health problems in America these days (heart problem is number one in the list). As we all know, stroke is very debilitating disease and it is also very deadly. Stroke is also considered as one of the top 10 leading cause of death in American. Therefore, it is very vital for us to know and be aware on how we can avoid fall in trap of this top killer disease for most Americans.

Age is a definite factor for the stroke. Although, as we can see nowadays there are younger people who are victim of stroke already but as we age the risk of having stroke increases. More often, when the age reach 55 the chances of getting stroke doubles and much higher.

Hence, this is a best time for us to see what things are that has to be done and change in our lives. These include our eating habits, lifestyle, habits, physical activities, rest and stress. With the change that we are going to do might reduce or probably eliminate the chance of having stroke. Stroke is medically known as cerebrovascular accident. It is sudden interruptions of blood supply to the brain and loses its function. The usual cause of the interruption of blood supply is ischemia or there is decrease of blood flow, another is the blockage and hemorrhage.

It is vital to know the risk factors that contribute to stroke and this is very important information for prevention. In this way we have the bird’s eye view on how to prevent it. In general, the most common risk factor of stroke are hypertension, increased level cholesterol in the blood, smoking, diabetes and age.

Heart problem can also be a contributing factor for stroke. Now that we know the contributing factors that put a person at risk of having stroke let us see what a person should do to prevent stroke. Hence, just knowing the factor will be in vain if we will not do anything to prevent it.

Overall, it is important that there is a paradigm shift when it comes to prevention. The reason for this is a major and extreme change is what we should anticipate to achieve our goal. It is not simple change but a 180 degrees turn to reduce and prevent the risk of stroke.

The natural way is still the best way to prevent stroke. This is because there are no side effects when doing the natural way and it will benefit us more. The medical management in preventing stroke will use some medicines; hence, there are many side effects in using synthetic drugs. The number one thing to always put in mind in preventing stroke is to stop smoking. Smoking constricts blood vessels. This means that through smoking the diameter of the blood vessels is narrowing and the blood supply to brain is affected and can lead to stroke. The fact that those people who smoke usually stressed out this put the person to higher risk. Stress increases blood pressure and high blood pressure can cause stroke. Saturated fats can cause fat deposits in the blood vessel. This is what we called the bad cholesterol or LDL. This can accumulate in the blood vessel causing a blockage; thus, putting the person in high risk of stroke. quotes about being yourself Exercise should be a part of daily routine. Exercise can give a lot of benefits for the body. It has a good effect on heart as well as blood vessel, eliminating bad stuff in our body. It maintains ideal weight and many other benefits. Having a plant-based diet is very essential in preventing stroke. Plants are good sources of nutrients that maintain a good health. It is also known that plants can be a treatment agent for many diseases and this has been for a lot of years now. Start a change in life and bust stroke forever.


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