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How to Become a Personal Trainer


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Becoming a personal trainer can be difficult, but in this new age of health awareness and fitness investment, it can be a very rewarding career path for those who do it right.

So the question then, is how do you do it right? What is the best way to become a personal trainer? While there is no one size fits all answer to this question, there are some good steps that should be taken by anyone serious about becoming a personal trainer. This article will briefly expound on a few of these steps, and this site can guide you through more detailed instructions on these individual steps.

Get in Shape

It is common for people to choose their personal trainers based on what they would like to look like. If one wants to become cut and slim, they will choose a trainer with a cut and slim body. If one wants to become muscle, then they will seek out a personal trainer that has the same body type. If one wants to become doughy and flabby—oh wait—nobody would want that ever.

Choose Your Areas of Expertise

There are many different ways to work the body. I think it is safe to say that there has never been a larger variety of exercise techniques as there are today. From Zumba, to martial arts, to weight training, to circuit training, to step aerobics, and so much more- there is an exercise medium for just about anyone. Your job here will be to choose which of these forms of exercise you would want to train others in.

Train in Your Areas of Expertise

Once you have chosen your areas of expertise- get some training in them. Take classes, buy videos, check out books, and just become all around experienced in those mediums of exercise. You can’t be a good personal trainer if you are not solid in your knowledge of your specialties.

Get Certified

There are many different kinds of personal training certifications out there. Get certified in as many of these fields as possible. This will broaden your spectrum of expertise and will give you a wider clientele base to work with. Each certification route is different has the benefits vary. Take a look at the articles on this site about some of the different personal training certifications available.

Market Yourself

Whether you choose to work from your home, make personal calls, or join a large gym as a staff trainer, you will want to get your name out there. Utilize word of mouth, the internet, social media, post fliers, and all the other ways you can think of to get your name and abilities out there to your market place. A personal trainer who is certified and fit will not go far without people to personally train.

The steps listed here just cover the basics of becoming a personal trainer. If you are serious about making a career leap into the field of fitness training, then take a deeper look at some of the more detailed articles provided here on this site.

Alex Shelton is an experienced personal trainer and runs a very successful and popular blog on Becoming a Personal Trainer . For more information, visit virtual personal training .


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