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Looking To Get Fit But Not Sure Where To Start?

Gorry Terry

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Maybe you have decided to get into shape but are not sure how to begin. With so many options available to you you need to look carefully at the options and make sure you get off on the right foot. .

Well you could start by considering body movement exercises such as those taught in Yoga and Pilates, coupled with some aerobic exercise. By combining these two you can achieve an all-round level of fitness, that, with just a little time set aside each week you should be able to maintain.

The first thing is to make time for your new activities. Everybody is busy but you need to find two, or preferably three, half hour slots a week at least. If you are planning on taking up a sport such as badminton or tennis then you probably need to make at least one slot an hour or so, maybe at the weekend. You should write these sessions down as appointments not to be missed, as they are in fact, as important as an appointment with your hairdresser. Seeing your sessions written down, with social commitments set aside, gives added commitment to your endeavour.

If you can, find a friend who has similar fitness goals to you and can share some sessions. Maybe your partner can also be a fitness buddy. A game of badminton with someone can be more fun than working out alone. If you have someone with similar goals you are there for each other, to give encouragement when required. A competitive spirit can also bring out the best in some people

You should make your fitness goals realistic. Don’t expect to run a marathon straightaway. In fact you should start with exercise that’s well within your capability and work up gradually from there. Each time you have completed a gym session or a run, or game, you have the satisfaction that it’s a step forward towards achieving enhanced fitness.

It doesn’t matter where or how you exercise, so, if you don’t like going to the gym you can use workout DVDs in your own home. It is not necessary to have special apparatus. You can do some resistance training simply through press-ups for example. Many of these DVDs use music to good effect, and you can do the same. You can take a portable music player with you on a run, or even an audio book on a ramble.

You should try and introduce some variety into your exercise routine. Not only are you likely to get bored doing the same thing week in and week out, you will be able to exercise different muscles by trying out different activities. Some exercise is mainly aerobic, like running, cycling and swimming, and will benefit heart and lungs. Other types of exercise like strength training routines, will build and maintain muscle. You should do a selection of exercises that hone both upper and lower body muscles.

By combining all three elements of aerobic, strength, and flexibility training with a variety of sports or activities you will be able to improve your body’s health, stamina, and appearance. Time spent in the pursuit of health rather than money is time well spent.

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