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Take Stress Away And Keep The Doctor Away, Too!


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Heed this please if you are among the following a traffic battling commuter, a test dreading student, financially burdened homeowner, a frazzled mom or perhaps a very harassed executive. Such jaw grinding, tummy twisting daily stress and anxiety you are thrust into can wreak havoc with more than just nerves, so beware. You also risk endangering your physical health and even your well being. According to a psychiatrist specializing in anxiety disorders at a hospital in Winfield, stress can do major problems on every body organ. The brain's reserve capability to handle day to day problems is something diminished by stress.

When one faces chronic stress and an over activated autonomic nervous system, a physical toll begins to appear, he reveals. The early symptoms may include increased vulnerability to colds along with chronic yet mild headaches. Diseases that range from simple gum disease and ulcer up to depression and diabetes to hair loss, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, obesity, *** dysfunction or anxiety disorders are readily unveiled by stress.

To some extent, the hectic suburban lifestyle and culture is also at fault, states a clinical psychologist and director of a local health hospital's center for troubles like anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders. He points out that while stress is a normal part of daily living and can inspire people, and proves to be something good, he warns that too much stress can be harmful, resulting in poor health, anxiety and unhealthy actions.

Compared before, everything from family dynamics to work expectations, the economy, money, school, kids, traffic, and schedules place more stress on us. So much fear, insecurity, depression, anger, anxiety, sleeping trouble and other physical woes set in as panic and anxiety governs the body of a person.

It has been stated by many health professionals specializing in mental wellness state that while you may not always be able to manage financial and other stressors in your life, you can still be able to manage stress and this is vital as stress is linked to the six foremost causes of death such as lung ailments, cancer, heart disease, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide as well. An essential hormone, cortisol is beneficial when produced in the right amount and when the body is under stress, it adjusts to the situation and producers higher levels of cortisol. However, with the prolonged elevation of cortisol levels, the immune system is suppressed and the blood pressure is raised, which means that a person can easily get sick.

Stress has been pointed to as the culprit when it come to troubles from the common cold to skin diseases, neurological and emotional problems, gastrointestinal diseases and even cancer. Some studies show that relaxing while listening to soothing music can improve immune function and boost long term health. Another doctor recommends strongly that aerobic exercise and diffusing stress by channeling nervous energy into something very prolific apart from deep breathing routines as well as progressive relaxation. Aerobic exercise, according to him, does wonders for the mind and heart. With your brain releasing endorphins, you would naturally feel so high and happy.

Just some tips in removing stress. If you find yourself barking at the kids, snapping at coworkers, unable to focus, forgetting things easily or even driving too fast, you probably need time to relax. One will find that it is far more effective to recharge as you go, shares the author of a book about stress and its effects on one's health who is also a psychologist.

By way of espousing simple relaxation techniques, you can be sure to restore your focus, confidence and energy in less time than what it takes to run out for that midmorning latte outside. When you capture the spirit of your yearly vacation, you have the key. With daily short bursts every few hours, one can find that they are relaxed well. Getting 10 up to 20 breaks in one day will prevent you from getting so stressed.

Stress response may be a very automatic response but then this, along with its adverse effects can well be reversed with regular and quick refueling breaks at stress onset. Reviewing your day's accomplishments or listing down five things you are thankful for can truly help. Give yourself permission to take a nap. Even as you don't get some shut-eye you can still feel rejuvenated.

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