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Hydrating Your Body When Exercising Is Critical

Gorry Terry

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Whether you are engaging in regular exercise or just looking to shape up and commence a fitness program to obtain the physical and mental benefits of increased fitness, there is one thing you can not afford to overlook and that is the critical necessity for hydration.

When was the last time today that you had a glass of water? And if your answer to this simple question is anything other than “Just about half an hour ago – probably lesser than that” – then your answer is wrong.

Your body needs water, and it needs a lot of it. The typical human body (adult) needs at least 3 to 4 liters of water a day, and that is the very minimum. If you are prone to doing lots of physical activity or lead an active lifestyle, you should be having a lot more. But even if you lead a fairly sedentary, home-to-office and office-to-home kind of lifestyle, you should be having at least 4 liters of water.

The trouble is, given our air-conditioned environment, and the fact that we lead fairly comfortable lifestyles, we tend to ignore the fact that we should be drinking water fairly regularly. Not only does this lead to a dehydrated body, it lead to more severe consequences, such as headaches, skin boils, rashes and even kidney stones.

Most doctors recommend carrying a small bottle of water along with you, wherever you go. And that small bottle actually has a purpose. Not only are you made aware that you need to fill it more regularly, the simple act of getting up to fill that bottle can burn a few calories – and the more often you fill that bottle, the more water you drink – and the more exercise you get. A win-win situation for all concerned.

Also, regular water intake can also act towards suppressing those pangs of hunger. In other words, you are less likely to go on a eating binge if you drink more water through the day. And quite contrary to what your grandmother told you, do have water ( in fact, lots of it), when you are exercising. Just take care to ensure that you do not have a lot at one go. But small sips are regular intervals are actually needed to keep you hydrated.

So starting from right now, make sure that you get that glass of water inside your system.

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