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Why Drinking Soda Excessively Can Be Harmful to Your Body

Brent Cullen

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There is no doubt that soda is by far one of the most popular and favorite beverages that is on the market today. It is a drink that is enjoyed by people of all ages and classes. The one thing that most people do not understand about drinking soda is that it can play a part in developing several health complications in your body. Being that the FDA has approved the sale of diet soda, you might wonder what risks can possibly be involved with an FDA approved product as this tends to give us a sort of security blanket that it will not harm us. The truth of the matter is that it you are just an occasional soda drinker, it will probably not harm your body, but if you are an avid everyday drinker, then you may very well end up inviting some health problems into your body. Let us take a look on how this can happen.

Soda contains carbonated water and that does not contribute anything beneficial to your body. There are some experts who claim that carbonated water is not nearly as good when it comes to hydrating your body as regular water. You also gain no health benefits from drinking diet soda as it is excreted out through instant urination. Soda is very rich in sugar and the average America can of soda contains nearly 40 grams of it and this is definitely not good for your body.

Soda is loaded with empty calories and if you drink it excessively, then you are running the risk of inviting obesity into your life. The fact is that you hardly gain any nutritional benefits from drinking soda, but what you do gain are excess pounds added to your body and a lighter wallet. Also, the high sugar content can lead to tooth decay. The problem with drinking diet soda that claims to be low in calories is that it will have a high sodium content and that in turn is not good for your body as too much salt can lead to serious health risks such as a common one called osteoporosis.

There are also those who believe that drinking soda will increase your dependency on caffeine if you are one of those people who consume large amounts of caffeine based soda. It has been proven that in most cases, it is very difficult for caffeine users to curb their cravings as their body gets so used to having it that their brain is eagerly awaiting the next caffeine boost. Excessive caffeine consumption can seriously effect your mental and physical state of health. Recent studies have also suggested that drinking soda can cause our bones to weaken. Another point we need to remember is that diet soda is loaded with artificial sweeteners and they can pose serious threats to our health. These sweeteners also tend to make you feel hungry and that in turn can cause you to eat more and can contribute towards obesity.

The best possible thing that you could do for your health is to find a substitute for diet soda such as milk or water.

Since drinking soda can help promote tooth decay, you might want to consider switching to a stronger tooth paste and increasing your daily brushing.

Drinking soda helps to deplete the calcium content in your body, so you might want to consider adding a good supplement to make up for the calcium loss.

I hope that you enjoyed this information and if you did, then please visit my web site where you will find some great information to help you live a longer and healthier life.


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