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In The Case Of Hearing Loss


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All of us are becoming increasingly aware of the problem of hearing loss by workers in noisy jobs with complaints coming from the industry sector, the unions, the states and the Federal government, to mothers of teenagers whose ears take on more loud rock music than what they can stand. Normally, when it comes to a hearing impairment, personal and financial problems are always part of the situation. More details with regard to this problem were given by the president of an optical company. Duly credited for the making of the lenses for the first industrial safety goggles in this country back in 1909 is this company and now, they are part of the personal protective equipment business. Considering a group of musicians aged 22 and below, there was a study done by this company and they obtained the assistance of a hearing and speech center. Most of these rockers had severe hearing loss.

This problem extends to their audience. Sound levels at rock concerts and discotheques have been measured up to 130 decibels, equal to the scream of a jet fighter's engine, capable of causing irreversible damage. Overly loud music from MP3 players can lead to a loss of hearing in the younger population. Beginning to rely on protective ear plugs are musicians.

Do not disregard this. There is a widespread problem pertaining to noise pollution in places of work today. People who cater to paper products, airlines, textiles, lumber and wood, primary metals, and fabricated metals in terms of industries suffer the most from noise exposure.

Here is where man hours are jeopardized due to the problem. Most of the time, your workers fail to report to work. They may leave without ever mentioning the cause to anyone, perhaps without themselves fully realizing that the cause was unbearable noise.

On the employer's part, regular compensation payments are not easy to comply with. Claims pertaining to noise induced hearing loss can really be costly these days. In some cases, temporary deafness is the first symptom and then it is followed by slurred speech patterns and the inability to converse well with others and of course, there is a ringing in the ears. Here is where you should consider periodic testing.

The new Occupational Safety and Health Act provide the national standards for how much noise a worker can stand and for how long. When it comes to the Walsh Healey Act of 1969, it set a 90 decibel standard for sound. This is mainly evident in government offices today.

In this case, you have something that is meant for interstate commerce workers. Individual machines and working areas can be made quiet in some cases and in cases where they can't, modern hearing protection equipment should be used by workers without interfering with communication. There are a lot of aspects that need to be considered by those who have this sort of problem.

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