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When Seniors Experience Hearing Loss


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Nowadays, you can say that one chronic problem in the United States is hearing loss. This is a health problem that is encountered mostly by the elderly. When it comes to this, the condition normally goes undiagnosed and plenty of people end up with a hearing loss problem. A lot of people suffer from hearing loss but most of them neglect to visit a physician for help.

As a result, people with hearing impairment may be wrongly labeled dumb, anti-social or senile. In conversations they frequently ask friends to speak up or repeat themselves. They may watch TV louder than usual, or withdraw socially to avoid the frustration and embarrassment of not being able to understand what is being said.

When the problem lies in the outer or middle ear, this is something that is referred to as conductive hearing loss. There are various causes that can cause such a kind of hearing loss. It is common for this type of hearing loss to be caused by a ruptured ear drum but other causes include a buildup of ear wax, fluid in the middle ear, infections, and the abnormal growth of the ear bones or otosclerosis. Most of the sounds heard by those with conductive hearing loss are muffled but they have louder voices. There are surgeries for this problem.

Sensorineural hearing loss, or nerve deafness, is caused by inner ear dysfunctions. In this condition sound waves reach the inner ear but are not properly converted into a signal that can be passed on to the brain. If you are young or if you are old, you can encounter something like this. The older population is often afflicted with presbycusis which happens when aging begins and it involves gradual inner ear degeneration.

If you are sensitive to drugs, this can happen. The inner ear is pretty sensitive and plenty of things can affect it. For the person with sensorineural hearing loss, sounds are often distorted and low pitched tones may be easier to hear than high pitched tones. You will be heard perfectly by the people with this particular problem but it will be a challenge for them to understand your statement.

A hearing aid is the best solution to a problem like this one which cannot be remedied by any surgery. Some people may suffer from a combination of both types of hearing loss. What you have here is mixed hearing loss. Problems exist in the nerve centers within the brain when you have something that is referred to as central hearing loss because your brain cannot process sound signals.

To determine the type of hearing loss you have, you must have an ear examination and a hearing test. This is what you need to tell whether or not you have a hearing problem. If you work in a noisy environment, frequent hearing tests are important to detect early hearing damage or deafness. A doctor's appointment can make a big difference. They will tell you to go to an audiologist if needed.

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