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Free Weight Loss tip for 2011

Gorry Terry

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There is a simple way to improve your fitness and lose weight and it is totally free. What is even better is that you can incorporate it into your everyday life with the minimum of fuss or trouble.

We’re lucky to get even half an hour in a day for our body, and most of us can’t manage even that amount of time. Indeed, with most of us, that is not even an excuse – given the busy lives we lead, it is simply a sad, unfortunate fact.

The trouble is, no matter how sad and unfortunate the fact may be, our body simply cannot afford to go through life with no exercise. And with an advance in age, it will make the point painfully clear – quite literally. So how does one manage to fit in some exercise time?

Simply by combining it with some unavoidable activity – and what better example than the commute. If you happen to live within reasonable walking distance of your workplace, consider jogging of walking your way over. You could always carry your work clothes in a bag, and change once you are over at the office. Walking is in fact one of the best stress free exercises around, and you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to that daily stroll.

Alternatively, if your workplace is far too long for a walk, it may be just the right distance for an invigorating cycle ride. You may have to end up making a small initial investment, but your rapidly reducing waistline will surely thank you for it.

Not only would you be doing your part in reducing the congestion on the road – and how’s that for earning brownie points – but you would also be helping your health along. And even if your workplace happens to be a mile too far, so to speak, you could always park your bike halfway through, and then use the public transport.

At the end of the day, do realize that you can always make that extra effort, and manage to fit in a little exercise while you are commuting. It may take just a little bit longer, but surely your body deserves it!

So the next time you step out to go to work, make sure you have either your running shows or your bicycle helmet on – rest assured, your body will thank you for it!

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