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The Test To Be Performed To Infants


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There are around more than half of babies born in America that do not get identified with hearing impairments until they are about two years which by that time might have already exacerbated said a National Institutes of Health panel. A new technology has now surfaced making it possible for the detection of hearing problems on new born and the NIH committee advocated the use of this. This new plan was shared with healthcare workers who take care of children who suffer from hearing impairments and was in turn accepted very well. The statistics of deaf babies in the US is about 1 in every 1,000 says the committee set up by the National Institute of Health. Currently, less than half of the hearing impaired cases on infants are seen as there is a mandatory screening only for babies who have a higher risk of getting it. If a child is not checked for hearing disabilities before they reach the age of three there will be irreparable damages to his or her speech and language skills.

Currently, declared the professor, the average age for checking if a child has a hearing problem is about two and one half although they want to lower this to about 6 months. Now the market has better and more advanced technologies that allow doctors to test new born for any hearing damages. At the same time a new recommendation had been made for since a new way of screening is available where babies can be tested for hearing problems by looking for otoacoustic emissions.

A device will transmit clicking sounds to the inner ear where it will detect an echo like response and this is what the test involves. A computer will then try to analyze the response to see if function in the inner ear is normal. A system named auditory brainstem responses will be used as confirmation of hearing loss in times when the infant will not get pass the first test. A device attached to the head of the infant while making the sound is done here. The sensor will be able to pick up a brain wave patter once the sound is normally heard.

Here, the test will be able to determine how a baby will respond to the sounds they hear. If one gets the otoacoustic emission test then they will need about $25 while the second is around $75 to $125 since it will involve more processes. The government would have to spend about $150 million to $200 million for babies to be tested after they are born but in the long run this will save those billions since there is an increase in the earning power of those that will seek for treatment earlier.

Some experts estimate that a child will lose about $400,000 to $800,000 in lifetime earnings when their hearing problems are not looked into by the time they are three years old since at this point there are irreversible damage to their speech. For the children with late detection of their hearing problems graduate high school but end up having fourth to seventh grade level reading skills. Having an early detection of hearing loss will really help children learn earlier how to behave and be with normal people and not have to go to a special deaf school. Being able to see hearing problems earlier will grant the country more savings.

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