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What Causes Hemroids? The Causes of Hemorrhoids

Gorry Terry

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The causes of hemorrhoids, sometimes mispelled as hemroids, are critical to your understanding of how you will ultimately cure your problem. Because without understanding the underlying cause of your hemorrhoids, you will never totally defeat the condition. .

The causes of hemroids, or hemorrhoids as they are more correctly spelled, can be attributed to constipation and straining when you are going to the toilet. This straining during your bowel movements causes an increase in the pressure in the hemorrhoid veins and consequent swelling. It is estimated that up to 50% of the population will suffer from hemroids by the age of 50.

Liver disease, pregnancy and obesity are also causes of internal hemroids and water retention among women during menstruation has been noted also as a factor. Essentially hypertension, especially portal hypertension, is also a cause of hemroids because of it’s link between the portal vein and the vena cava.

The increased pressure from a foetus during pregnancy is also a factor because of the increased pressure on the hemorrhoidal vessels.

Foods such as caffeine, spicy foods, nuts and a poor consumption of liquids, particularly water, can be a major contributory factor in what causes hemroids. Good ways to prevent the condition from developing include a good healthy diet with lots of fiber and an increased consumption of liquids, especially water. Ultimately to prevent hemroids you need to keep your stools soft to prevent any pressure building or straining during bowel movements and plenty of exercise will also help in this regard.

A fiber rich diet filled with fruit and vegetables is essential; however if you do suffer with hemroids then you will need to have a look at the various hemorrhoid treatments and cures that are widely available. This includes surgical procedures such as hemorrhoidolysis, rubber band ligation, sclerptherapy, home hemorrhoid treatments, hemorrhoidal suppositories, creams, natural herbs, sitz baths, laser hemorrhoid surgery and many other treatments for hemroids dealt with elsewhere on this site.

In summary the causes of hemroids are primarily the increased pressure on the blood vessels arising from constipation, pregnancy and obesity and can be successfully tackled with a good diet and healthy exercise such as walking and plenty of water consumption.

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Hemroids Symptoms and Treating Hemroid Pain Effectively
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