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Fundamental Info About the Human Immunodeficiency Virus


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In today’s day and age, everyone should know what “HIV” is. Each and every person on earth really should ask themselves, “What is Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV?” If your answer is something aside from an in-depth familiarity with precisely what HIV really is, then you will want to sit and learn exactly what it is and quick. Not only do you need to really know what HIV is, but exactly how you could get infected with HIV, and the way HIV might be treated. After you are aware of these answers, then you should ask those people you love if they know what HIV is and make sure they know too if they do not know.

HIV is actually a virus which attacks the infected person’s immune system. Your immune system fights off infections and viruses that might make you sick. HIV assaults the human body’s specific blood cells, referred to as T-cells, which are the helpers in fighting away sickness. Think of all the T-cells as fighters inside a ring, and HIV as the opponent. Now, think of them fighting, but each and every time a T-cell is knocked down a new one takes its place. This will wear out and ultimately conquer the T-cell that is battling it. Now the next thing the conquered T-cell does is vital. When T-cells are defeated, they get in line as an HIV cell and start fighting the rest of the T-cells. On and on these helper cells are overcome until your body literally runs out of T-cells, crippling the whole immune system. Now, gradually your immune system will become weak due to a loss of these helper cells. At this point, opportunistic conditions, such as pneumonia, become lethal. When the immune system is diminished to the point that it can no longer fight for itself, it is considered as Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS, which means simply your system is ravaged with HIV cells along with a lack of T-cells.

HIV may be acquired in a number of ways. The most common route of infection is via unprotected intercourse. Any time people have intercourse, either anally, vaginally, or to a lesser degree, orally, HIV cells may go into the bloodstream. HIV is carried from one person’s body fluids, which include seminal fluid and blood, to another person’s body. It is also transmitted through drug use when sharing intravenous needles with someone that has already been infected with HIV. Another way HIV is spread is by blood transfusions even though it is uncommon due to multiple safeguards that blood banks today are using. HIV may also be transmitted through childbirth, although precautions these days have made this uncommon in comparison as well.

The medicines utilised in today’s treatment options are usually targeted at blocking the reproduction of the HIV virus cells, either by stopping the virus from attacking healthy T-cells or by stopping the already afflicted T-cells from replicating the HIV virus. While at this time there is no cure for HIV infection, HIV testing can detect the virus very early, making it possible for the infected person to receive early therapy and extend their life well into the later part of adulthood.

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