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How To Treat Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Gorry Terry

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Hemorrhoids on their own are bad enough to deal with, but bleeding hemorrhoids can be especially difficult. Not only are they more messy, but they can lead to other health problems, like infection and anemia. Luckily, there are some options for bleeding hemorrhoid treatment at home that should help clear up the problem within a week or two.

Before beginning to treat the problem, you should know the causes of the problem. One of the biggest causes of hemorrhoids is a poor diet low in fiber. This poor diet and a lack of proper liquids will lead to hard stools that cause irritation to the surrounding tissue during bowel movements. A hemorrhoid can become engorged with blood and therefore easily ruptured, either by nature movement of the body or by abrasive stools. Other causes of hemorrhoids include weight, an inactive lifestyle, pregnancy, heavy lifting, and internal gastro-intestinal problems.

Make sure you take special care to clean the hemorrhoid and affected area. Keeping them clean will make them heal faster. It is advisable to bathe after every bowel movement, but if this is inconvenient, try using moist cleansing cloths or medicated wipes to clean yourself. There are medicated cleansing pads available for purchase that include witch hazel, so not only will they provide relief, but they will gently cleanse the irritated area.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment

Sometimes you can stop the hemorrhoids bleeding by reducing the swelling. Start by using an anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen. You can also try soaking in a warm bath. The warm water will help soothe, cleanse, and reduce the swelling.

A topical treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids can help ease the discomfort. Over the counter creams can help lessen the pain, but so can other home remedies. Try applying witch hazel, aloe vera, vitamin E squeezed from a capsule, and petroleum jelly for relief.

Some professionals advise drinking apple vinegar with meals to help heal hemorrhoids, as well as drinking plenty of water every day. You can also avoid certain foods and beverages than can make irritation worse, such as coffee, beer, cola, and strong spices.

Treatment For Bleeding Hemorrhoids

If they don’t clear up on their own after several weeks, you may have to seek professional treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids. There are several medical options, including surgery, but they are more expensive than home treatments and can be more painful.

As always, the best treatment is prevention. Once your hemorrhoids have cleared up, change your lifestyle habits to prevent them from coming back. Just small changes in your diet and adding some exercise can make a big difference.

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