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Herbal Treatement for Hemorrhoids-Hemorrhoids Herbal Treatment

Gorry Terry

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Hemorrhoids herbal treatment is one of the quickest and the most effective remedies for hemorrhoid sufferers. A herbal hemorrhoids treatment is not just effective in alleviating the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids but is are also effective in relieving pain and allowing the sore tissues to relax.

Different herbal hemorrhoids treatments have evolved in the recent times. These treatments are available in the form of ointments, pills and supplements. However, the most effective are the natural herbs.

Noted below are some of the most effective herbal ingredients for treating hemorrhoids:

Witch Hazel

It is basically an astringent that is commonly contained in ointments and creams for relieving hemorrhoids. Witch hazel is a shrub, and the bark and leaf of this shrub is used for reducing inflammation and swelling of external hemorrhoids.

Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut seed has countless benefits and it mainly helps in relieving certain diseases that involves the veins. Horse chestnut extract is used these days for treating hemorrhoids. It contains aescin, a special ingredient that helps in reducing pain and inflammation, and also improves the elasticity of the vein, while strengthening the walls of the veins and improving the tone too. It further helps in improving micro vascular circulation and also lessens fluid retention and swelling.

Butcher’s Broom

Butcher’s broom is an effective herb that belongs to the family of asparagus, and is also used as a vegetable. It contains one of the most crucial ingredients called ruscogenins that helps in narrowing the blood vessels, reduces swelling and inflammation, and also strengthens the walls of veins.


Pilewort is an ancient English herb that helps in treating the symptoms of hemorrhoids. It is used in the form of a tincture, and is applied directly on to the external hemorrhoid. However, it can be consumed as tea also. Pilewort has certain side effects, though so keep this in mind if you are using it and stop and see a doctor if you feel any negative side effects.


It is basically a geranium plant, usually wild in nature, and is native to America. It helps in treating various digestive conditions and has excellent astringent properties for treating hemorrhoids.

Extract of Japanese Pagoda Tree

It helps in strengthening the walls of the veins and also helps in making the capillaries and veins more permeable while maintaining their health. It is also known to relieve the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids like pain, itching and discomfort.

Aloe Vera

Last, but not the least is aloe vera- one of the effective natural astringent that has excellent cooling and soothing properties. Aloe gel is a great relief for external hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid treatment with steroids is not very effective and even if it shows results within a couple of days it tends not to be too successful and will not last for long. For long term benefits, hemorrhoids herbal treatments are pretty effective.

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