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The Hemorrhoid Banding Procedure

Gorry Terry

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The new hemorrhoid banding treatment, also known as ligation is an effective treatment for removing hemorrhoids. This is basically a procedure through which hemorrhoids can be completely removed from your body.

Usually the hemorrhoids that are large in size and having protruding blood vessels inside the lower rectum and anus are treated with the new hemorrhoid banding treatment. Banding actually cuts off blood circulation to the effected hemorrhoids, thereby causing the same to fall off and shrink.

Hemorrhoids can be the result of different conditions, such as excessive straining, aging, constipation, diarrhea and sometimes pregnancy. It is a very common condition during pregnancy. Hemorrhoids occurring either outside or inside the rectum can be treated with hemorrhoids banding.

The Hemorrhoid Banding Procedure

In the hemorrhoid banding procedure, the physician will place a rubber band around the hemorrhoid’s base, the band helps in tying off the circulation of blood to hemorrhoids and this makes the hemorrhoid fall off within a couple of days due to inadequate blood supply.

This is a usually painful technique, and involves local anesthesia for relieving the pain. When there are multiple hemorrhoids occurring in the rectum, the physician will remove all of the hemorrhoids through the new hemorrhoid banding treatment.

Hemorrhoid Banding Recovery

Post hemorrhoid banding treatment, a person recovers pretty fast; however, it is possible that the condition will relapse soon. There might be mild to moderate pain post surgery, which is likely to last for a few weeks. It might as well bleed for more than 2 weeks post banding treatment. During the recovery phase of the banding procedure, the patient might feel the urge to have frequent bowel movements, even though it might not happen.

Having frequent gas is also likely to be common. At this time, it is crucial for the patient to eat high fiber diet and drink lots of water in order to prevent constipation. Constipation happens to be a prevalent cause of hemorrhoids, and it needs to be prevented at all costs.

Also during recovery, a patient should not get involved in heavy weight lifting or any other forms of exercises that might cause pain. Constipation or straining can cause recurrent hemorrhoids.

Risk Factors

There are quite a few risk factors associated with hemorrhoids, such as:

• Allergic reactions might occur as a result of anesthesia.
• Anesthesia might desensitize the patient to a level of discomfort and uneasiness.
• Urinating problems might occur as a result of the surgery.
• Hemorrhoids might reoccur from time to time.
• The hemorrhoids might be increasingly painful and swollen.


The new hemorrhoid banding treatment can be expensive; it might usually cost $500 to $1500, depending on the number of bands being used for the procedure. However, there are many other expensive treatments for the procedure, of which hemorrhoid banding treatment seems to be the most feasible option. Also hemorrhoid treatments, particularly surgeries are usually covered by insurance plans, it becomes easier for patients to opt for this procedure and get long-term benefits from the same.
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