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Hemorrhoids Symptoms-Do Your Recognize This Description of Hemorrhoid Symptoms?

Gorry Terry

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Are you aware of the description of hemorrhoid symptoms? Have you been feeling uneasy while sitting on the chair? Did you notice blood stains on your clothes lately? If so, you have actually developed the signs symptoms of hemroids.

A hemorrhoid is basically an inflammatory complication involving the rectum and anus, and is triggered by constipation.

The signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids primarily include different types of complications affecting the ano-rectal regions, such as cracking, oozing, tearing of skin and abscess formation in and around the rectum and anal canal. The condition is itchy with mild redness and sometimes a bulging tumor-like growth is also seen in case of external hemorrhoids.

Mere swelling, pain and irritation are not the only signs symptoms of hemroids. If you want a description of the hemorrhoids symptoms, you will have to look in to all the probable complications that a patient goes through. Simply put hemorrhoids are basically characterized by swelling of the blood vessels around the ano-rectal canal. They appear in the forms of lumps comprising of tissues and veins. Hemorrhoid affects a sizeable chunk of America, and is extremely common in people aged 45 to 65 yeas.

Some Of The Common Early Signs And Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids Include:

- Irritation around the anal canal is one of the first signs, symptoms of hemroids. It is in fact one of the early signs of the condition that is often overlooked. As the irritation is not long-lasting and it usually goes away with time, people feel that it was just a passing phase. Whilst in some cases it could be true, in most of the cases it isn’t. Irritation, itching and uneasiness are the very first signs of hemorrhoid.

- After the irritation phase is over, people usually develop a small lump of tissues. This could either be inside the rectum or outside the anal canal. While the outer one or external hemorrhoid is easy to diagnose, it is very difficult to understand whether or not a person has developed internal hemorrhoid, until of course one is passed through tests and examinations.

- After the lump develops, it often starts paining when you try to strain yourself due to some reason, straining during exercise or during bowel movements can cause pricking pain.

- Bleeding is very common amongst hemorrhoid sufferers and it is the sign of a developed hemorrhoid. Blood spots can be seen on the tissue, on clothes and undergarments. It is embarrassing and equally painful.

These are some of the most common signs, symptoms of hemroids that you are likely to experience. However, the order in which I have outlined it above might not be the same in everybody’s case; one might bleed first and the feel irritation and pain followed by the formation of a lump.

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