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Here Are 5 Great Ways To Lose Weight in 2011

Gorry Terry

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Losing weight has been and always will be a recurring feature in most people’s lives.
Finding the right plan for each individual is key, however there are a few basics points to bear in mind. If you apply yourself to the idea of losing weight and getting fit, nothing can stop you. Willpower is a wonderful thing!

Ok, so firstly you must have made the decision that you are going to lose weight. Now that might sound a silly thing to say, but it’s so important to have determination and, in your mind, have resigned yourself to the task at hand.

1. Set a starting date and stick to it.
Having decided on when you are going to start, make some small preparations, namely make sure you have a good stock of healthy foods in your fridge and cupboards – lots of fruit and vegetables, yogurts and snacks such as crackers and nuts – and remove any temptations such as chocolate, biscuits, crisps, etc. Also get those trainers out of the cupboard and dust them down or invest in a new pair.

2. Plan Your Meals
Plan your meals a day in advance, that way, you avoid a panic over what you’re going to eat at the last minute. When you do your weekly shop you should have a good idea of what meals you’re going to prepare for the coming week. If you make a list and stick to it you will be fine.

3. Exercise
Make sure you get some exercise everyday. Walking is a good starter if you’re not used to physical activity and then you can introduce other forms of exercise depending on your interests. But beware! Don’t start something that you can’t finish. Stick with something you enjoy doing, that way, you’re far more likely to keep it up.

4. Don't Panic About the Scales
Don’t dwell too much on scales and weighing yourself every few days. You can become too obsessed with how many pounds you’ve lost this week and if you gain a pound it can set you back. Unfortunately, the slower you lose the weight the better you’ll be able to sustain your weight loss.

5. Don't eat late
Don’t eat after 7 pm in the evening. If you are feeling hungry, of course, have a piece of fruit, but you can train yourself not to feel hungry if you get used to not eating after that time. .

In conclusion, stick to your new regime, enjoy your life - you only get one chance! – and have your treat every now and again and don’t feel guilty. Finally, please remember, keep up your physical activities, whatever they may be and… Bon Vivant!
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