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Learning how to be a good listener


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In the US a home in not complete without many noises that can sometimes be soothing or bothersome. Listen closely you will then hear noises that go beyond the household.

Our world now is plagued with a new breed of pollution which is that created by noise. Repeated exposure to loud noise is one of the causes of hearing loss, a condition that affects an estimated 28 million Americans. According to statistics around one third of people age 75 and up has serious hearing problems that can affect the way they communicate with people.

It is of course not all just due to noise pollution. There are times when one has medical conditions that will be the main reason why they are hearing loss and these conditions are advancing age, genetic factors, infections, physical trauma, and drug toxicity. With the fact that hearing loss can be hereditary at times, there is always away to reduce it severity by taking preventive measures.

There is really only one way to know if you suffer from hearing loss and that is to test your hearing. Today there are many places like hospitals or doctors’ offices where one can get tested for hearing. There is now a test that is called the Dial a Hearing Screening Test where all a patient needs for him to find out if he has a hearing problem is a telephone to dial a number. Thanks to the Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinic at Northern Illinois Medical Center this screening test is now available to many.

The Dial a Hearing Screening Test uses eight technically tested tones. A secondary hearing test will be advised to the caller who fails to pass the test. It is best to always be in a room that is not noisy while using a telephone and not those portable ones for better reception. It is best to protect your hearing now in order to lessen of prevent hearing loss in the future. One step a person can take is to not go to places that have too much noise in them.

Always be attentive about the guidelines at your workplace regarding noise levels and wear special equipment like ear muffs to keep yourself protected. Many youngsters damage their hearing before they reach adulthood by cranking the stereo up to excessive levels or by having the volume too high on portable CD or cassette players with headsets.

Those kids who are not able to show any attention or feedback with the noise that they hear are most likely candidates for hearing problems. Sometimes when a child is delayed in talking then they might be in danger of having speech problems so it must also be looked in to.

Parents should also suspect an ear infection when infants and young children are distressed and obvious causes have been ruled out. Simple ear infections can actually cause more problems in the long run so always seek aid for these. For those who have fell victim to hearing loss then there are better and more advanced device that you can use in the market. Most hearing aids today are lighter and smaller but at the same time will help people hear more clearly. With cochlear implants and other surgical techniques people will be now get a chance to hear well. Taking precautions to protect yourself from hearing loss and having periodic hearing checks, especially in the senior years, will keep you tuned in to the world around you.

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