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Common Causes and Treatment of Swollen Legs, Feet and Ankles


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Occasionally when muscles within the feet retain an unusually high amount of liquid, these places may become swollen. This particular condition which is also referred to as edema and the swelling of one’s feet can occur for many reasons. One of the more prevalent reasons, as you may have guessed is gravity which explains why these effects are mainly evident in the feet, legs and ankles. This can on the other hand have an impact on a number of other parts of the body too.

There are quite a few things that can cause swelling in the feet, legs and ankles. Here is a small list of some of them:

• Some type of injury to the afflicted area
• Menstrual cycle
• Weight problems
• Too much time sitting or standing
• The improper use of laxatives or diuretics
• Substance abuse
• Weak blood circulation
• Using certain medications
• Pregnancy
• Excessive salt or carbohydrate intake

Sometimes an individual who's going through this kind of puffiness will experience discomfort inside the swollen areas and have difficulty walking in addition to stiffness in the feet.

When it comes to treating swollen feet or legs quite often the primary recommendations that your Doctor will make would be to sit with your feet elevated above your heart. In addition, you might be asked to alter your eating habits.

Other activities like exercising and the regular changing of positions might help as well. It is vital to understand that with any problem, prevention is obviously the initial suggestion wherever possible. As you are well mindful of many times prevention isn't likely so in such cases it is best to seek the recommendations of your respective Physician to look for the right plan of action.

Whenever your feet are swelling there are actually issues that can’t be averted like ageing or perhaps such things as menstrual cycles but there will still be strategies to ease the condition. One thing you could think about could be to start using a “water pill” which will help to lessen how much fluid that the body stores. This in conjunction with virtually any other suggestions from your Physician is likely to help in keeping this situation manageable until it passes or you can get it in check.

Once again, every single person’s situation is unique and some treatment options is often more effective for one then they are for other people dependent on the actual root cause of the condition.

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