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The risk of breast cancer can be prevented by Healthy eating habits


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Breast cancer is Europe and US and so on one of developed country woman"s main death factors, also is one of malignant tumors which theworld female is most common and sends. " According to Cancer Association expects, There are one-third of breast cancer patients from the unhealthy (healthy food) eating habits and lack of physical exercise in the world of cancer (cancer of food) death cases. Which foods have the help of breast cancer patients? Although so far no definite proof of food to treat breast cancer or prevent breast cancer, But many survey shows that eating or avoid eating certain foods really help the treatment or prevention. Women in developed countries where small families are the norm have six times the breast cancer risk of those in rural parts of Asia with large families. Over 40% of breast and bowel cancer cases in rich countries are preventable through diet, physical activity and weight control alone, experts say.

Eat low fat or skim milk one or more productsMany people worry about dairy products will increase the risk of breast cancer, However, in fact There is no connection between the two.

Health researchers have suggested that:Women eating a low-fat dairy pto reduce menopausal (menopause food) before the rate of one third of breast cancer a few. Such as skim milk and nonfat yogurt is a good choice.

Every four to six copies of high-fiber foods every dayHigh-fiber diet means that the weight loss effect reducing risk of breast cancerStudy found that Estrogen levels in breast cancer survivors which daily consumption of more than 27 grams of fiber is lower than the other patients.

These estrogen have been linked to breast cancer . Expert advice to eat whole grains at breakfast, Whole wheat bread and whole wheat noodles for dinner. Weekly to ensure that drinking 2 to 3 cups of green teaAlthough some people do not like the taste of green tea, but drink three cups of green tea a week is very useful. Green tea can slow the growth of cancer cells. University of Southern California study found that The women who drink 3 to 4 cups of tea every week risk of breast cancer is lower 40% than the women who do not drink.


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Healthy Eating Habits for Kids
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