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The 7 tips of cause and effects of a breast cancer


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1, The findings also suggested such a diet may increase breast cancer likelihood by increasing obesity, the researchers said. We are the first to find evidence for an increased risk of breast cancer for a Western-style dietary pattern in an Asian population. Studies show that women with lycopene-rich diets can have as much as a 50 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer.
2, where the population already consumes a better diet and takes more exercise – has less ability to reduce the incidence of breast cancer. The habits of long-term poor eating habits is the cause of physical over-acidification.
3, Body function drop and cause kidney, Essence and blood, which cause focus on the metabolic cycle slows down, caused thyroid disease and endocrine disorders, Decreased immune function, Eventually lead to Mammary gland dysplasia, and finally carcinogenic change.

In addition, if over-acidification of the body will lead to other cancer cells.
4, Some risk factors for breast cancer can not be changed Such as age, Family history, History of radiation therapy, Age at menarche, But we can change the habits of Hormone replacement therapy, Drinking, Overweight, Sedentary, Not maternity lifestyle to reduce the incidence of breast cancer.
5, Long-term study found that the way of life can reduce the risk of breast cencer including Consumption of vegetables, fruits, yams, mushrooms, soy, carrots, green tea, etc.

Sports, especially for women after menopause. Practice shows that athletes consume more due to body fat, less chance of breast cancer.
6, The way of life May increase the risk of breast cancer, including Regular alcohol consumption or intake of total body fat was increased, Especially in postmenopausal women; The peopele regular X-irradiation in adolescence; The women using hormone replacement therapy or taking certain diabetes drugs in postmenopausal.
7, University of Rochester Medical Center researchers in 12 academic journals published in the United States, Good habits are actually very simple such as exercising at least 5 times a week, at least 20 minutes each time to maintain normal weight, Body mass index remained at normal range; Drinking as little as possible and drink no more than 1 cup per day.

Able to do this as long as 3 points Can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer .


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Breast Cancer - Bizarre Myths About Breast Cancer Causes - Do Not Get Trapped
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