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Process of dropping excess weight

Tom Schavo

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The most difficult task in the world is dropping weight. At least for all the fat people out there, this is the most toughest task. Although looks pretty tough, but honestly it can be very easily tackled. In order to effectively resolve this problem of over weight, you first have to understand what is the phenomena behind it.

When a person eats anything, there is certain amount of calories that enter his body. Now these calories are important for a person to carry out his daily tasks. He would have no energy if we do not take any calories. Now in the olden days, people had more physical activities than we have today. Even to go down to a store, you pull out your car or bike and zoom down the road.

Also our diet includes excess amounts of calories which enter our body and are not burnt properly. So when a person takes more calories than what he can burn, it ends up in the form of FAT in our body. So the simple phenomena is to burn those excess calories from the body and take only optimal amount of calories per day.

So after having understood the basic phenomena, now its clear that its high time that we start burning these excess calories. The best way to burn these calories is to involve yourself in high intensity physical activity like exercises, tasks that require physical movements etc.

Exercise is the best mode to burn these excess calories in the present world where comfort has made human very lazy. Burn 300 calories daily and have optimal amount of intake of food. If you continue this for a month, you are bound to drop 8 pounds every month. Trust me, its not so difficult as it looks, its as simple as i described it.

So people, end up the frustrating life of being called a fatso and start regaining your real self! The Author “Dr Muna" is an Online dental consultant who worked for many multinational hospitals around the world and also provides consulting on various Medical websites. She now runs her own Online dental consulting site :


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The Inner Secrets to Losing Excess Weight
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