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Osteoporosis - What Causes it?


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Osteoporosis is a term which is often used to describe porous bones. This problem causes bones to get extremely weak and brittle thus causing them to crack easily. In many cases of osteoporosis slight falls or even excessive coughing fits could be enough to break these bones. A number of these cases where bones are so fragile are often due to insufficient levels of calcium and other essential minerals inside the bones.

Bone injuries are a frequent occurrence in individuals with osteoporosis and many of these fractures take place in the wrist, backbone or hip. Many people consider osteoporosis to be a woman’s condition however males are often affected by this disorder too. Along with this those who have a low bone density are at a heightened risk for developing osteoporosis later on in life.

There are steps that may be used to reduce the chances of developing osteoporosis. Drinking plenty of milk and using calcium supplements along with vitamins, are just a few approaches that may help to strengthen bones and keep them healthy. The younger this practice begins the better but it is never too late to start attempting to improve the health of your bones.

When bone loss is inside the early stages there usually are no indicators present. Once bones have grown weakened from this condition, however symptoms and in many cases pain attributable to osteoporosis could become evident. Some warning signs of osteoporosis which might manifest include things like back pain that in some cases could be severe. This is often caused by vertebra that has become fractured or even collapsed. Some other symptoms may include bowed posture, decrease of height and fractures of a variety of bones like the vertebra, hip or wrist.

Because osteoporosis seldom produces early symptoms it is suggested that certain individuals have regular bone density tests in order to detect indications with this condition. Many people that this examination is recommended for include women older than 65 and males over the age of 70, women who have gone through menopause and possess at least one of the risk factors connected with osteoporosis, males between the ages of 50 and 70 with at least one of these factors, any person older than 50 who've had a number of broken bones, and women who have experienced menopause at an early age.

Additional circumstances which might increase the chance of developing osteoporosis include women after menopause that has recently discontinued using hormone treatment. Additional medicines including prednisone and anti seizure drugs may also be a factor.

It is unknown currently exactly why some people develop osteoporosis while other people do not. What specialists do know, however, would be that the normal process of a person’s bone remodeling is disrupted by this affliction.

In case you appear to break bones more easily than what is regarded as typical you might want to consider the chance that osteoporosis could possibly be present. Tests can determine the presence of this problem and doctors can suggest the most plausible treatment course from that point.

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Prevention of Osteoporosis
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