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Health Choices-One Simple Method For Great Health Choices For Life

Gorry Terry

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Pick up any magazine, watch any commercial, or surf the Internet for a little while and you will find that we are bombarded with advertisements for procedures, medicines, and supplements to fix ourselves. We need weight loss supplements to get rid of pounds of fat that have gathered from over the years.

They recommend surgical procedures to tuck tummies or get rid of wrinkles. There are medicines and creams to reverse the signs of premature aging brought on by poor habits like smoking. All of these are nice to have around, but are expensive and time consuming. Why use these products to correct years of poor health choices instead of making better ones now?

Many of the habits we pick up when we are young have grave consequences when we get older. For example, smoking may look “cool” as a young adult, but it becomes an addiction that ages the skin and eventually threatens multiple types of cancer.

Had we not chosen to smoke when we were younger, we would not have to scrape up what little change is left from buying a pack a day to pay for chemotherapy for cancer. The small choices, good or bad, that are made on a daily basis have so much power over our future health.

Likewise, exercising on a regular basis as little as thirty minutes twice per week can dramatically affect how a person ages, and what health they have as an older adult. This small commitment prevents obesity and many weight related diseases. There are plenty of ways to go about exercising, so everyone should find a way that suits their lifestyles.

The fixes mentioned earlier may very well work. They might even be considered miracle cures. But why go through the trouble of correcting the mistakes we are making now in the future? The fixes are by no means cheap; many are expensive and require repeated, constant use. Every choice we make today has the potential to affect us positively or negatively.

The only thing we need to turn our habits around is discipline and persistence. It may not be particularly easy to get up a few times a week to jog around the block, or it may be difficult to quit smoking and eating badly.

But on the other hand, how much fun is it to have to take medications for diseases from obesity or undergo surgery for cancer? Which is more bearable? Anyone in their right mind will weigh the options and choose the first. Putting a little discipline into your choices will do a world of good. You will save time and money, and you will preserve your health.

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