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Painful Disease Shingles


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Shingles is a disease which is sprouting all where in this world and is affecting more and more people trough the deadly virus which has previously affected the person. Shingles disease is a disease which is seen more common in the society where there are more aged persons of above 60.

Shingles is a disease which is also more commonly found in the persons which have previously affected from the disease chicken pox. This disease also affects the person who is affecting from chronic stress conditions and with weaker immune systems. The better you know the disease, the better is the possibility that you can prevent or cure the disease. So it is must for the people to know and get aware about the disease which is affecting people greatly and can be very painful.

Shingles is a disease caused by the virus named varicella zoster virus which is also the real cause of the chicken pox disease from which a person had previously been affected. This virus remains in the body of the person even when person gets cured from the disease of chicken pox and after some time it re attacks the person by reactivating it.

Shingles is a disease which is very painful for the people affected and is caused in the people who have really weak immune system and where the chances of re-attacking of virus increases. Shingles disease which is also called as Herpes zoster in medical term is a painful disease which starts with the rashes on the body and causes further blisters on the body with a painful experience.

This further gets more painful if not cured properly. Person affecting from various other diseases like Cancer, Aids, Leukemia, etc. can also be affected by this disease easily because of lowering down their immune system during these disease. And if person had got affected from the chicken pox earlier in his/her life, it is probably more possible that person will get affected with this shingles disease. Thus to prevent the shingles and pain in the life you should be much conscious and careful about the disease and prevent it by taking proper medication and precautions.

Signs of Shingles and Shingles Blisters are the other two article by Kobi. Please go through them to get more more insight about shingles


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So Similar Yet Different - Can You Tell Between Herpes And Shingles?
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