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Alcohol Rehab Center


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The first step toward the hope of sanity and recovery is to call the information center at Pacific Hills. As a leading alcohol rehab center, Pacific Hills succeeds in the treatment of chronically relapsing alcoholics where other treatment approaches have failed.

Upon calling their counselors, a preliminary assessment is offered that will determine whether your loved one is eligible and ideal for their program. Upon entry, clients begin treatment with a medical and psychosocial assessment to determine if they have a medical condition or co-occurring disorder such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, etc. If medical conditions are present, the client will be referred to our consulting physician for further evaluation. Prescribed medications are often an important part of inpatient alcohol and drug treatment at an alcohol rehab center.

If the client shows signs of co-occurring disorders (psychiatric or medical issues), they will meet with our consulting psychiatrist and medical practitioners who will evaluate and continue to treat them as needed throughout their stay. Pacific Hills, as a dual-diagnosis alcohol rehab center, uses an integrated approach for clients with both addiction and mental health problems.

When clients complete the inpatient alcohol and drug treatment program at Pacific Hills, they are given the option to continue treatment for an additional four weeks in their Transitional Care Program. There, the client and their case manager continue to implement the comprehensive treatment plan they developed when the client first entered treatment. In Transitional Care, a program of the alcohol rehab center, the client continues their treatment and training in a semi-structured, sobriety-valued environment.

The staff of caring, skilled professionals administers the most sophisticated treatment available. Through lectures, workshops, group therapy and individual counseling, clients are educated about the psychological, physical, relational and spiritual implications of long-term substance abuse, and are given the tools of recovery needed to live a life of long-term sobriety. Each client is taught to effectively address emotional or psychological issues that might interfere with his or her recovery through group and individual counseling and psychotherapy. In addition, the staff helps each client determine and address their own unique relapse warning signs. Clients learn in our inpatient alcohol treatment and inpatient drug treatment how to identify and deal with high-risk situations that could threaten their newly found sobriety, causing relapse.

It starts with a phone call. Please call Pacific Hills, the premier alcohol rehab center, with your questions regarding inpatient alcohol treatment and inpatient drug treatment.

For more information on Alcohol Rehab Center visit Pacific Hills Treatment Centers


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The Facts About Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab Programs
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