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Cure Cancer, Cure Hepatitis B, Cure Spur, Cure Tumor


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Most of the spur that occurred in people is due to overwork and excessive exercise. As more and more people emphasize on exercise, added that overworked, getting more people are getting diagnosed with this spur. Normally when this spur symptoms showed, many people misjudged it as rheumatism and without proper treatment, it will cause even more critical condition to the patient.

Many people don't really understand spur. Basically spur is a common disease and can be occurred at any age or any races. As a result, it will caused inconvenient to daily lifestyle. Spur is a degenerative disease. A disease that causes pain and swelling in one or more joints of the body. The spur will get even worst when the bones in the joint had abrasion (friction between bones). Then the bone's shape will change.

Surgery that might accidentally cut of the nerves.

In Kuching, most of the complicated disease are healed by using Chinese traditional herbs. According to physician Lim, spur patients are afraid of surgery because it would minimize the nerves and if accidentally cut of the nerves. With his 40 years of experience, Physician Lim have a herbs recipe that can cure spur. Some are obviously being cured and most of the patients are the old folks and some are youngsters. The spur occur ed among the youngster are due to overworked. If get in serious stage, the patient will have difficulty in movement, especially walking. So early treatment is very crucial in this case.

Physician Lim strongly suggest that the spur disease must be treated with traditional herbs.

With herbs that contain alcohol and egg white, steamed with small fire and to be paste on the wound. Once a day roughly about 1 month time would see the result. If serious spur would take roughly about half a year to 8 months period. During the treatment, the patient must dieting to prevent from pain. The patient must prevent from consuming egg, duck meat, peanuts, lamb meat and also chicken(injected). Those who didn't diet during the treatment would not see the result of the herbs.

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