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Organic Lifestyle - Improves health, body, mind and spirit


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As technology improves, laboratories sophisticate and great minds evolve with fascinating new inventions, the health of our nation is suffering tremendously. We are in a state of emergency regarding physical and mental health and the beginning point of rectification can begin with an organic lifestyle. We’ve become a people in the 21st century fixated on quick fixes, faster access to entertainment, immediate food consumption and information zoom. Living an organic lifestyle can improve our health – of the body, mind and spirit. Here are some healthy living tips to begin or deepen an organic lifestyle.

Slow Down

Living an organic lifestyle involves more than just eating organic food, although that is a good place to start. One of the definitions of organic is characterized by the systematic arrangement of parts; organized, unified, systematic. Many who embrace an organic lifestyle tend to view life in a more conscious manner – aware of nature, reducing their carbon footprint, spending time reflecting through meditation or prayer, taking great care of their body, mind and spirit. The simple act of choosing healthy, organic food, preparing a meal and appreciating the natural taste and nutrition can be the start to a more peaceful mind, appreciative spirit and healthy body. Choosing an organic lifestyle and not simply a diet will help slow down the fast-paced life of stress, poor nutrition and disease.

Eat Real Food

Obviously when one thinks of healthy living tips, the diet comes to mind first. It is important to eat foods that are real foods – not chemically derived substances made in a laboratory. There are many groups and large food manufacturers that are splitting nutrition for cost. Genetically modified foods, injections of hormones, fillers, added preservatives are all being used to cut cost and increase production. Organic lifestyles require decisions to eat real food, right from nature. This means to be wary of all the products on the shelves in fancy boxes with organic on the cover – these, too, can have many added unhealthy ingredients. A diet that is full of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seed and fresh lean protein is the best diet for healthy living.

Choose Leisure Wisely

Another healthy living tip for organic lifestyles is to choose your leisure with great intention. Many hours are spent in front of the television, and although this leisure activity can be relaxing for some, choose healthy TV that will nurture your mind and spirit. Healthy TV options can include shows about nature, human interest stories that inspire, discovery shows about ecology, healthy cooking shows or interviews with authors of inspirational books. There is a lot of programming these days, and much of it is detrimental to your spirit and mind. Choose healthy TV or if TV has become dominant in your life, put the shoes on and get out in the fresh air for a long meditative walk!

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Everyone is concerned with how their money is being spent. Of course we all have a multitude of options, no matter how much money you have in the bank. But, spending money is a very personal choice and involves many decisions. Part of an organic lifestyle involves conscious living of all means. To purchase frivolously is not only a waste of money, but many products and useless items end up in our landfills. This is a huge problem for our environment, but also encourages the manufacturers to keep producing cheap plastics, excess materials from trees and other natural fibers and unneeded surplus. If you have play money to spend, try purchasing services or products that will make a positive difference in your life or the life of someone you care about. A great massage can do wonders for your body, mind and spirit. Inspirational books can be life-changing. A dance class or painting lessons can bring you and your family closer together. We all love to spend, but choose wisely and be mindful of living an organic lifestyle.

About Author:

Leah Guy is a Producer, TV Host and Author of several inspirational books . She owns a video production company in NYC and offers healthy living tips to her viewers. She has two websites, ModernSage and LeahGuy.


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