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Prescription Drugs in Drinking Water, What Are They and How Did They Get There?


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There are all sorts of toxins in our lives that we are subjected to on a daily basis, from air pollution to cigarette smoke and many other things.  We are just finding out that in addition to chlorine and other chemicals, there are also prescription drugs in drinking water.  This is quite alarming for many of us, as it has not yet been determined how long this problem has existed.  

What we do know about having drugs in the drinking water is that it is extremely unsafe.  Our water in the US has been shown to contain traces of mood stabilizers, sex hormones, sedatives, antibiotics, and more.  While none of these things are safe in the drinking water even though they are below standard medical doses, the antibiotics and hormones are the most alarming.  

Antibiotics are in our water at levels high enough to give regular drinkers a constant low level of them in their system at all times.  While it might sound like it would keep you from getting sick, the truth is just the opposite.  These levels are too low to fend off illness, but are constant enough to cause us to develop resistance to antibiotics.  This is one of the primary causes of super bugs like MRSA or medication resistant staph that are spreading quickly.  These super bugs do not respond to antibiotics and can be fatal for many people.  

Hormones in the water supply are not as life threatening, but do appear to have side effects.  The most common hormones in water are from birth control pills, so they are typically estrogen and progesterone.  These hormone levels are currently being investigated for their link to early puberty and development in children.  

What many people want to know is how these drugs ever ended up in our water supply to begin with.  Well, as unpleasant as it may be, they get there from human waste.  Certainly, they make it into the water when people flush pills down the toilet as well, but the most common way they get into our water is in fat from waste.  

When you swallow a pill, only a small amount of it is absorbed into your blood.  The rest of the pill makes its way chemically unchanged through your system until it is expelled as waste.  This waste travels to your local water facility where it is treated and turned into potable water.  While bacteria and germs are removed, because there is no system for removing chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the drugs remain in the water supply when the water comes back into our homes.  

The only way to get rid of drugs in the drinking water is to use a home purification system.  Cities do not yet have an efficient or effective means to treat all of the water supply for drugs or even chemicals.  A water filtration system will get rid of all of this, including the excess chlorine that was used to kill bacteria and never removed from the water after.  Chlorine in tap water is actually at a higher level than is deemed safe to swim in, so it is a good idea to use a system to remove it.  

As frightening as the thought of prescription drugs in drinking water may be, you can rest easy knowing that there is something you can do about it.  Systems such as the multi-stage water filtration units are among the cheaper ones to buy and are the cheapest to maintain while offering the highest quality of water.  With a good water filtration system in place, you will be able to breathe easy knowing that your family is safe from all of the toxins that make their way into our tap water.

How can we be sure that we are getting clean, safe drinking water? Are there prescription drugs in drinking water? We need to purify our own water with a carbon filtration system. Visit our site today for more information!
By M. Applebaum


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Learn About Drugs in Our Drinking Water - Drugs Found in US Drinking Water
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