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Cold Sore Remedies Traditional Remedies For Cold Sore Blisters


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Having a cold sore can be a very painful thing indeed. A tiny, painful, fluid-filled blister that has decided to settle on your gums, lips or even the top of your mouth is not something that could ever be described as fun. But even though they are called cold sores, herpes simplex virus is actually the one that gave you the cold sore, not a cold. The reason that they are called cold sores is that herpes simplex will often times occur when your system is weakened, such as when you have a cold or the flu. You might be lucky and get a warning sign that you are getting a cold sore because the area will become painful or possibly itchy. That is when it is best to look for one of the good cold sore remedies, just as soon as you notice the symptoms.

You must know that a cold sore is actually incurable. They are caused by a virus and so there is of course no cure for them. However, there are certain cold sore remedies that one can use that will speed the process along and maybe even make it a little less severe. The ones that I like to try are generally herbs or diet supplements. One such would be lysine. Lysine comes in a small tablet and can be found at most any pharmacy or store that sells vitamins and herbs. Lysine is a vital amino acid and is essential for the body to consume as a supplement because the body generally can not produce enough on its own. Lysine is generally used to help generate protein which is an essential element that can produce infection resistant antibodies, enzymes, hormones and body tissues. Basically lysine is effective as it holds back the outbreak of the herpes simplex virus so that it doesn't go full force and make your life miserable. So aside from eating foods high in lysine you should take 1,000mg of lysine supplements three times a day, each and every day you notice you have an outbreak. This will not only hold back the outbreak, but it will also reduce their duration.

Lemon balm is another one of the great cold sore remedies as it is enriched with antiviral properties. There was a recent study performed that proved lemon balm cream works to stimulate the blisters so that they can heal in just five days. Also it will reduce the frequency of the reoccurrences.

Echinacea is also a great supplement to take as it is an immune system booster and will help your immune system to fight off the herpes virus. I not only take Echinacea for a cold sore but also if I feel myself becoming ill in any way as it gives my body the extra boost that I need. These can be found in capsule form most anywhere.

These are just a few of the cold sore remedies that I like to use and I hope that you will find them just as helpful as I do.

Rebecca Lyle was diagnosed with herpes at a young age. She suffered from cold sores until her early 30's when she discovered a natural holistic treatment that has kept her free from cold sores ever since. Discover how to cure cold sores naturally by visiting her website which offers free tips on how to cure herpes:


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