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Hate Exercise? I Found Something You Will Love


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I'll be totally honest. . . I hate working out. Hate is a strong word, but truly I'm not one of those people who jump out of bed in the morning eager to go for a jog, push massive amounts of weights against my chest or pedal for hours on a bike. I'm just not that woman.

True, I used to be something of an athlete, but those days are looooonnnggggg gone.

About six years ago I noticed my thin little parents wearing funny little matching gadgets on their belt. It definitely didn't add to the cool factor, but these gadgets were pretty small and barely noticeable. They told me that they were trying to get in 10,000 steps in daily and this little pedometer gadget measured their steps.

Cool, I thought. . . but not for me!

A few months ago I started wearing one and it has been so much fun, I even created a pedometer challenge for myself and others.

What's great is that when I began to track my steps, I really do walk more. I quickly learned that the word couch potato had a large picture of me in the encyclopedia. My steps were around 3,000 which are really, really low. The reason being is that I barely ever move my body during the day since I'm in front of the computer or on the phone with clients.

I knew I had to up the ante if I were to change my super sloth like ways and get more active, so I created the Pedometer Challenge on my membership site. There's a place on the Challenge where you track your daily steps and we're all in there having a blast. I even dropped my pedometer in the toilet. . . and we all laughed about it (don't worry, I'm using another one). I thought that if I created gifts for the most steps walked and the greatest percentage increased each month, I could win too and so could you!

Ready, Get Set, Walk!

If you are a beginner, this will help you get ready for the calorie-burning routines in the coming weeks.

1. Go out and purchase a pedometer at Target.

2. Sign up for a program that will allow for you to log yours steps daily.

Then. . . use these fun ways to increase your steps:

1. Park a little further out.

2. I love hanging out at the mall - I make shopping my new way to get in a whole slew of steps. I'll go from store to store walking around. It's so much fun!

3. Go to Costco. If you have a Costco membership then use it for more than just buying food. Walk up and down the isles and I'm sure you'll get those steps in, in no time.

4. This one is weird - I don't do it but when it's hot outside, my parents like to walk office-building empty parking structures. I told you it's weird, but they like being out the sun and getting their steps in, so I thought I'd share it with you.

5. For the Real Estate Lover- I love looking at real estate so my fiancé and I will pick a neighborhood and walk around gaining an understanding of the neighborhood. We'll pull for sale signs, look at what rents are going and even find some good foreclosure properties.

6. The Social Climber - Besides loving real estate, I absolutely love looking at monstrous houses. I like to imagine who lives in those gigantic homes. I wonder what they do for a living and I guess how they made their money. I like to sometimes just surround myself around wealth and these houses, so this is a fun one!

7. I love Dog Parks Too - I like to take my dogs to the dog parks and when I do, I walk the perimeter of the dog park, throw balls and run around like a nut with my dogs. They get a work out and so do I.

8. Walking stairs - This is for the advanced walker and you must consult your physician first before doing this one. My father gets a kick out of walking the stairs in his office building. When he gets to work he walks up seven flights of stairs, when he goes to lunch he walks down those seven flights of stairs and then back up after lunch, and finally completes his day by walking down them. I personally think it's torture, but sometimes when I do in fact wish to torture myself I will walk a few flights of stairs. It definitely gets the blood rushing and I feel it! If you want to get in shape quickly, this is a good one.

Besides being an enjoyable and often scenic mode of transportation, putting your best foot forward can improve your fitness, health and sense of well-being. By walking daily and increasing
your steps per day you can:

  • Boost energy, reduce stress and improve your mood

  • Help your heart, lungs and muscles work more efficiently

  • Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Help reduce the risk of chronic diseases, heart disease and strokes

  • Help prevent and control diabetes

  • Strengthen bones and help prevent or control osteoporosis

  • Improve the mobility and stability of joints

  • Maintain a healthy weight and a positive body image

  • Enjoy a pleasurable activity while you socialize with family or friends

    I did a little research for you and studies show that taking about 10,000 is 5 miles, and walking 5 miles randomly here and there is the target for improving health and reducing risk of chronic disease. Most people, like my old self (just a few months ago) average about 2,000 to 4,000 steps a day in routine activity. So really, all I have to do to bump up my steps is go for an awesome walk with the dogs after dinner or go shopping. . . and POW, my steps are done.

    Marna Goldstein has authored several products and books. Find out how Marna took her body from a size 14/16 to a size 6/8, visit

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