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Reduce Your Risk of Illness With Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Graham C Johnson

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In today's fast paced life, the effects of our environment and the food choices we make play an important role in our overall health and the risks of life threatening diseases or illnesses.

In this article I will take you through some of the stress related Illnesses, food choice risks and environmental risks to your health.

There are a plethora of illnesses that each and every one of us is at risk of contracting and with some simple lifestyle and attitude changes, these risks can be dramatically reduced. I am not presenting cures or claiming to have a cure all treatment to the health dangers we face every day, but will provide information to educate you on the illnesses that you are at risk of exposing yourself to, and provide you with food for thought and hopefully assist you in evaluating your life, what is important, and you will be able to make informed choices going forward.

This article will deal with Stress. Possibly the least understood cause of many illnesses is the effect that a stressful life, both in your workplace and home environment can have on your mental and physical well being. Stress has been attributed to alarming increases in heart disease, eating disorders and any number of mental illnesses and can be controlled in extreme cases with the use of drugs but also, and more importantly by being informed, acknowledging the cause and taking steps to reduce your stress levels.

It is not so much the stress itself, that leads to illnesses, but the actions we take in dealing with the stress that have so many harmful effects.

For example, you may be under a deadline pressure at work and find yourself staying up late, smoking more than you would normally, drinking to help you sleep, you get the idea. Now simply take a few minutes to think about what you have done that you would not normally have done in an environment or time you can remember when you were not stressed. The important thing is to be aware of the risky behavior, catch yourself doing it and ask yourself 1 question. “Is this good for me and those around me" (These are the words of Deepak Chopra)

I have used these words in so many instance to great effect and they have the effect of making me realize how many things I do each day that are not good for me and in some cases, not all, I am able to refrain from engaging in that risky behavior.

We all want to live and long and rewarding life and by asking yourself this question whenever you make a choice in your life, whether it be to eat junk food, to smoke, to shout at your family, etc etc, you will begin to develop a sense of what is truly important in your life.

You can learn more about the risks we all face, from Eating disorders to lung cancer at AboutHealth. Stay informed and live a better life.

Graham Johnson is a father of 4, an entrepreneur who has learned some valuable life lessons on the road to success. Health and lifestyle issues effect us all and we can often deal with them without the use of drugs.


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