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Stop Sweating Cures For Excessive Sweating


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There are a wealth of cures around for excessive sweating, the key is finding the ones that work is by the process of trial and error. Where you find a cure, try it out, if it doesn't work - you move on to the next one. You repeat this process till you found one that yields results. The problem with this is that there are so many different products out there, it can take a while to find one that works.

And with your embarrasing sweating problem you don't have time to lose, you can't afford to spend weeks finding the perfect product, when it could just take you a few days if you know what you're looking for.

What am I looking for?

You're looking for strong anti-perspirants that contain high levels of aluminium chloride - which blocks up the sweat glands and prevents the sweat from escaping. These type of solutions come in many different forms such as; sprays, creams and roll-ons. It's all personal preference, they all work the same, so it's up to you which one you get.

You can pick up anti-perspirants that contain aluminium chloride at any local drug store for around $15 US dollars. There is two products in particular that I recommend; Driclor and Certain Dri. They're both roll-on solutions. Which you apply to the areas you want to stop sweating at night time, just before you go to bed. Then wash off in the morning.

If anti-perspirants don't work for you, then check out a book called Stop Sweating and Start Living. It provides a step-by-step method in curing your excessive sweat problem in two weeks, and has a 96% success rate. May be worth checking it out, if nothing else is working for you!

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Excessive Underarm Sweating Effective Cures and Treatments
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