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Cracked Heels Are They Killing You?

Thomas Moody

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Many people at different times of the year have problems with cracked heels and dry, cracked feet. Cracked heels can range from being a minor irritant to a condition that requires significant attention. Some individuals that suffer from cracked heels have tried using heavy oil-based moisturizers and many other products with very little success or the condition comes back frequently.

Often, cracked skin on the feet is simply a pesky symptom of harsh, dry weather. It seems right to us that using heavy creams and lotions will give our feet relief from the problem, but many cracked heels require more aggressive treatment.

The cracks in the skin on your heels are commonly known as heel fissures. These fissures usually happen when skin becomes excessively dry and aggravates the thick, brittle calluses on your heels. The usual routine of standing and walking on our feet places enough pressure onto the brittle skin that small cracks open in the epidermal layer of the skin. While this is usually an aesthetic problem, many patients do experience deep cracks that feel painful and can even bleed or get infected. So when the weather gets dry and cold or dry and warm, take the following steps into account when your feet begin to cracking under pressure.

As the outer layer of the skin becomes very thick and brittle, heavy lotions do not get absorbed through the calluses to do their work. When you're going through bottles of foot cream and not seeing any improvement, you should take the preliminary step of exfoliating and softening dry, hardened skin. Both chemical and physical exfoliation can help reduce the calluses and allow healing to begin for your feet. This is a critical first step to recovery for cracked heels.

One persistent myth concerning cracked heels is that super glue will close fissures and seal them from infection. While it may be true that small doses of super glue are nontoxic, most doctors do not recommend using retail grade super glue products to fill in the cracks in your heels. Also, you should avoid razor-like tools that scrape off the calluses. If you accidentally cut through the skin, you can worsen your symptoms and create a greater opportunity for infection in your feet. Finally, don't wear open-backed shoeswhen you are treating your cracked heels. The pressure from being on your feet causes the skin to expand slightly. Shoes with closed backs will limit this expansion and allow your feet the time they need to heal.

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