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Do Detox Foot Patches Work? Yes!

Alex Fir

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This is a question many people ask. I don't blame them for being a skeptic as I used to be as well.

It is very good to be doubtful and ask many questions. We live in a world were it seems to be opened season on consumers.

So, is there evidence that detox foot patches work? I can confidently say yes!

- The visual proof after using detoxifying foot pads is credible. The improvement is obvious when used over several consecutive days.

- A highly qualified Environmental Laboratory, SRC Analytical Lab, analyzed multiple samples of foot pads. It found absorption into the pads of Arsenic, Mercury, Nickel and many others.

- A syncrometer was used to analyze multiple pads for a number of people. The syncrometer identified the following substances in the used pads: aluminum, arsenic, asbestos, benzene, cadmium, copper, DAB dye, fast green dye, isopropyl alcohol, lead, methyl alcohol, mercury, nickel, sudan black dye, thallium, and a plastic byproduct.

- Scientists analyzed the hair of people before and after the use of the detoxifying foot pads. The difference in levels of toxins was obvious.

- Japan scientists have conducted detailed research of foot pads using Thermography. They found that the pads are able to quicken circulation and consequently the detoxification of the body.

- A research discovered that the cleansing foot pads increase the presence of alpha brain waves. These waves play a role in the healing and relaxation processes.

There is one crucial thing to keep in mind. You must beware of low-priced, fake detox foot patches.

They typically contain lower quality or in some cases harmful substances. This is the main reason why so many people did not achieve good results with detoxifying foot pads.

But when you use proven and tested products the results are fantastic.

Here are top quality detox foot patches that constantly produce fantastic results.


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Detox Foot Pads - Consider This Detox Method
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