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GE Reverse Osmosis Water and GE Reverse Osmosis Filters


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You hear a lot about health and fitness these days. From exercise regimens to organic and natural foods to herbal medicines, it seems everyone is more concerned than ever with their health. That's a good thing, but it seems that something very important is just beginning to catch up with these other factors in the public consciousness. That something is water - we can't live without it. But just what is in the water we drink? The answer to that will likely surprise, even shock you if you haven't kept up with the studies which have been done on the subject recently.

The water that comes from your tap is not necessarily safe to drink, no matter what your utility company may say. In many regions across the U. S. , tests revealed the presence of hundreds of different pollutants, toxins and even hormones in tap water! Obviously, this can't be great for your health. A lot of people began to instead buy bottled water, which actually is not required to be any purer or safer than the water which comes from your tap. There are other options for drinking water which is free of these impurities, specifically filtered water. The most commonly seen water filtration method is reverse osmosis and out of the available models, one of the most popular is GE reverse osmosis filters. GE reverse osmosis water has far fewer of the contaminants which are found in tap water or even most bottled water brands, for that matter.

GE reverse osmosis filters actually do a pretty good job of removing these hazardous substances from your drinking water supply and it's definitely better to drink GE reverse osmosis water than it is to drink regular tap water - however, there is a problem with GE reverse osmosis filters. In fact, it's a problem with reverse osmosis as a method of filtration. It would be unfair to single out GE reverse osmosis water alone. Reverse osmosis works by using pressure to move water through a semi-permeable membrane which permits water molecules to pass through, but keeps just about everything else out. Solutes and particulates both are filtered out, meaning that most of the harmful pollutants are removed.

So what's the problem? Well, GE reverse osmosis filters remove all of the healthy extras from water too, along with the potentially harmful impurities like chlorine and trace pharmaceuticals. These mineral nutrients are ideal for our bodies to absorb from the water we drink - so when you drink GE reverse osmosis water, you're missing out on these health-giving nutrients which your body needs! Water which is bereft of its mineral content is hardly ideal, especially for the health conscious person. Water which contains no toxins but has its mineral content intact is the drinking water you want for better health. It's also far better for cooking with and for bathing in .

If you are interested in making a healthier choice for yourself and your family, perhaps its time you considered a water filtration system for your home. A GE reverse osmosis filter won't quite fit the bill - you want something which will leave in the health benefits of water while only taking away the things you don't want; leaving you with water which is pure and healthful.

Albrecht Bracher is a dedicated researcher of critical issues that affect health and well-being. Discover which water purification system he recommends after extensive research. Visit his site now


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Can You Achieve Better Health Through Reverse Osmosis Water Filters?
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