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Uncover the Ugly Truth About Drinking Water Treatment Systems


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Public drinking water treatment systems made a big difference in the number of people who died each year from cholera, typhus and other waterborne illnesses. Today, a home drinking water purification system is necessary to guarantee the continued health of an individual.

What was a major improvement in the public's health came at a cost. Most effective drinking water treatment systems must use chlorine or chloramines to kill bacteria that cause diseases that can kill large numbers of people in a very short time.

The by-products of that disinfection process (THMS) cause cancer. This has been a subject of debate for many years. But, now it is common knowledge. So common that many countries with public health care are now studying the annual cost of treating cancer cases that were caused by exposure to disinfection byproducts.

In Canada, researchers estimate that more than 700 cases of bladder and colorectal cancer are caused by exposure to THMs or trihalomethanes, each year. They estimate the cost of treating those affected is a little less than $200 per case, annually.

When countries start to look at the cost to treat a disease, it is obvious that there is a problem. It is also obvious that a personal drinking water purification system is needed. Communities, whether they are large or small, cannot stop using chlorine or a similar compound to disinfect. It is up to the individuals to protect themselves from the cancer risk.

I believe that we have asked enough of municipal drinking water treatment systems. They kill the bacteria. They remove the dirt, the tree limbs, and the animal and human waste. They provide something serviceable for the toilet that does not clog the pipes in our homes.

There is only so much of them that we can expect. They are even afraid to report findings. Because, they are afraid of public outrage about how little the government sanctified drinking water treatment systems can do.

A home drinking water purification system can do so much more. It is just not possible to use these technologies on a large scale. Water must travel from facilities to storage tanks through underground pipes and up through the pipes of the homeowner and out through the faucet.

Where, along the way, would they put sub-micron filtration, activated carbon and ion exchange? The answer is nowhere. There is simply no way that public drinking water treatment systems can address issues like chlorine, THMs, lead and microscopic cysts.

Everyone should have a drinking water purification system for their home. It should include all of the steps mentioned in the previous paragraph and be certified to remove trace contaminants that cause cancer and other diseases.

If you believe that bottled water is better or easier or cheaper, you should know that bottled beverage companies are not even required to use a drinking water purification system. They are only required to provide something as safe as your tap-water and then only if they transport it across state lines.

These are some of the things that you need to know. I'm sure that there are many others that I failed to mention here. The bottom line is that your local drinking water treatment systems may be doing the best job that they can, but you can do better for your health and that of your family.

Charlene McCracken is a dedicated researcher of issues of living a healthy life style. visit her water purification website at to see which water filtration system she recommends


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The Good and Ugly Facts About Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Treatment Systems
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