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Excessive Scalp Sweating 4 Tips to Stop Your Head From Sweating

James R. Hamilton

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Excessive scalp sweating can be highly embarrassing with no obvious way to conceal it. Discover 4 great tips to prevent it in this article.

Cranio-Facial Hyperhidrosis

Excessive scalp sweating actually has a medical name. It's called cranio-facial hyperhidrosis.

It is also often accompanied by further sweating on the face or the back of the neck. Let's take a closer look at how to treat it.

Clinical Antiperspirant

A medical grade roll-on is not like what you can buy in a store. First of all, it's much stronger and secondly you can use it on any part of the body and not just the underarms.

The problem with the scalp area is that it is hard to treat with a roll-on.

One option is to shave the head although that is understandably rejected by many people. It is also possible to mix the deodorant into the hair and then work it into the scalp, much like using a shampoo and working it into the roots.


The problem with using drugs for excessive sweating is that these drugs have a much larger effect on you, and fixing your sweating is only a small part of it.

For instance, antidepressant drugs are used to help prevent the anxiety that may trigger or worsen your sweating. However, if it wasn't for the sweating then you wouldn't really need them, so using such mood altering drugs may not be attractive.

Another class of drugs, anticholinergics, work by reducing all your bodily excretions including both sweat and tears. As a result there are some severe side effects as your body frequently gets too hot, such as headache and vomiting.


If you have excessive sweating not just of the scalp but also other areas such as the hands and feet, then you may be a candidate for surgery.

Be warned however that this is a complete last resort and there are many in the medical establishment who do not approve of surgery as it involves cutting the nerves, an irreversible process.

Natural Methods

Natural methods to cure excessive scalp sweating are much more promising.

By making key changes to your diet and your lifestyle, it is possible to manage your sweating and reduce it to the levels of a normal person. Unlike the methods above, these are not a temporary fix but permanent changes to your sweating levels.

Ashamed or embarrassed about your profuse sweating of the scalp? You can do something about it today. Discover the secret natural methods to curing your sweat problem forever at


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How to Stop Excessive Sweating Tips For People Who Sweat Too Much
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