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Brain Fitness The 3 Things You Must Know to Save Your Brain From Slow Decline

Linda Schaumleffel

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There is tremendous excitement in the air about brain fitness. And here is why: the more everyone wants to extend the years of work and play, the more everyone needs to know how to keep the brain working well. And more than ever, building a hedge against dementia has become an essential now that it is possible to live a long, long life.

However, when you are starting out, wondering how to build brain fitness can seem like an uphill climb. With so much information (and misinformation) out there, how can you be sure even your first choices will deliver the results you want?

Is it OK with you if I save you months of false starts and frustrations?

Good! I have discovered three things everyone who wants better brain fitness must know to insure they get off to an absolutely stellar start with their program.

First, get into action, any action. Doing nothing except passively thinking about what you want, doesn't do much good. Just figure out something to do and get started. Seriously, just pick anything and start! You don't have to know everything to start, just pick any program you think will help and begin. Movement educates you. Action dispels fear. Every step you take builds courage, confidence and momentum. Just get into action!

Now that you are in action, you can make better choices. Most people think that brain fitness only requires brain exercises like crosswords and Sudoku. When it comes to brain fitness include physical movement, balance, manual dexterity, and social stimulation.

Finally, persist daily! Use it or lose it applies to the brain too! Even if you think you are not doing the best activity, being in daily action is the secret. The brain thrives on new learning, challenge, variety, and ACTION.

I sure wish I had known these three absolutely crucial keys before I started out because it would have helped me get to where I wanted so much faster. But now, you have the benefit of my hindsight!

By implementing these three simple but powerful ideas you will be able to improve your brain performance now and build a hedge against dementia, starting today!

Linda Schaumleffel, Olympian and head injury survivor, guides people worldwide with faltering memory or head injuries, by teaching them how to thrive again, strive for peak productivity, and build a hedge against dementia. Get a jump on your own brain health with free special report, “BRAIN FITNESS: The Top 17 Activities That Will Revive Your Brain at Any Age!" at


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