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Drinking Water Purification System GUIDE


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Which drinking water treatment systems are the best? Choosing a home drinking water purification system should be based on the contaminants present in your water supply and on other personal needs. Here's a quick guide.

Reverse Osmosis & Distillation

At one time, these drinking water treatment systems were effective. But, now, because of chemical contaminants, such as herbicides and pesticides, as well as traces of prescription drugs, they are no longer sufficient.

RO only removes things that are heavier or larger than water's molecules. They only do that when they are regularly maintained. Distillers only remove things that have a higher boiling point than water's. Most synthetic chemicals will not be removed through either process.

Either an RO or a distillation drinking water purification system would require electricity to operate. RO creates gallons of wastewater. So, neither is a good choice from an environmental standpoint. They are also the least economical alternatives.

Submicron Filtration

Public drinking water treatment systems cannot remove microscopic parasitic cysts. They cause illness in otherwise healthy individuals and death in those with immuno deficiencies. Only a personal submicron drinking water purification system can remove them.

Carbon & Multi-Media Filtration

This step removes the chemical contaminants and drugs that are present in our waterways, including chlorine and chloramines, which are used by the public drinking water treatment systems to kill bacteria and control algae growth. In many cities of the United States, carbon filtration is recommended for every homeowner, because of the excessive use of the chemical disinfectants.

Ion Exchange

Lead and copper ions are present in the tap-water of many homeowners. An ion exchange drinking water purification system exchanges those ions for the minerals potassium and sodium. They are the two most important electrolytes for maintaining good hydration.

While copper is not particularly toxic (a kid would have to eat a whole bag of copper pennies before toxic levels would be reached) it does affect taste. Lead, however is very toxic and there is no safe level for consumption. In DC, Baltimore and numerous other cities, ion exchange is an absolute necessity


This step is necessary to remove byproducts created by the chemical disinfectants used at your local drinking water treatment systems . Primarily, they are trihalomethanes which are known carcinogens.

Exposure can also occur during showering, so a showerhead filter is a good idea. The more you are exposed, the greater your risk of developing cancer. Researchers have found that the risk to people who regularly swim in chlorinated pools is unacceptable.

Devices with Multiple Stages

You will find that the latest technology for point of use or home purifiers is to combine carbon, multi-media, sub-micron filtration, ion exchange and adsorption. There is an affordable home drinking water purification system that uses all of these steps to remove the widest range of contaminants, possible. A countertop unit costs less than $125. It is simply the best option available that my research turned up.

Your local drinking water treatment systems can only do so much to protect your health. You have to take the next step: Find the drinking water purification system that I found. Or you may have to deal with the health consequences in time.

Larry L. Taylor is a dedicated advocate of living a healthy lifestyle and diligent researcher of drinking water treatment systems. Visit his site at: to discover which water filtration systems Larry recommends after extensive comparisons.


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