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How to Stop Sweating Naturally


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Though sweating is a natural process which keeps our body cool, when it is in excess, then it creates problems. Sweat stains and perspiration odors are really embarrassing issues and those who suffer from it, usually shy away from social contacts, etc and tend to alienate themselves as they see that using huge quantities of anti-perspirants or deodorants also can not provide them with any help in the long term.

Though there are Botox injections, surgeries, oral pills and body creams which people use spending thousands of dollars every year, the unfortunate part is that all these remedies are loaded with uncomfortable side effects which often does not permit continuance of therapy. Permanent cure from sweating is not yet available; since the cause of such a condition is varied and not quite clear to the medical fraternity.

While psychological conditions which result in sweating can be treated with anti-depressants etc. , and weather-related sweating could also be controlled with the right type of clothes and diet, there are several other causes of excessive sweating, which can at the least be controlled temporarily. Sufferers of sweating problems are gradually looking towards natural therapy options to tackle this problem, and if you too are looking for ways how to stop sweating naturally, the following tips could be of help:

1. To stop sweating naturally, mix two tablespoons of raw honey and apple cider vinegar and drink this mixture everyday for at least 2 weeks. Make sure that the mixture is not heated and the honey is raw.

2. Many people use only deodorants thinking that this is good enough. The truth of the matter is that deodorants simply remove the odor but not the sweat. So to handle both, you need to look for antiperspirants which contain deodorants. Look for products which contain aluminum chloride or aluminum chlorohydrate as these two chemicals are best in stopping sweating fast. So next time you buy your antiperspirant-cum-deodorant, look whether it contains these two chemicals.

3. To stop sweating, you can bring about some dietary changes too. For instance, avoid foods rich in sugar and reduce your caffeine consumption if you want to reduce sweating. Interestingly, these two components send triggers to our brains which results in sweating.

4. Reduce consumption of foods like onions, garlic, fish and spicy foods. The strong odor of such foods emanate in your sweat too.

5. A good remedy to stop sweating is to keep your body cool. To do this, drink thinned down buttermilk and yogurt during summer months.

6. Drink a cup of tomato juice every day for a week. This would reduce your sweating considerably. Follow up this routine with one cup of tomato juice every alternate day during the second week.
7. Body odor from sweating is caused by bacteria which feed on the sweat. Put some vinegar and lime juice in your bath water. You would not need deodorants as this mixture helps kill bacteria too.

8. Underarm is one area which sweats most. Keep cotton wool pads soaked in a solution of water and baking soda under your arms. This is a natural antiperspirant.

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